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The Ultimate Fighter 7: Week 10 Recap

tuf-7.bmp The show opens with a quick recap of the Amir Sadollah vs. Matt Brown fight from last week which Amir won via triangle choke in the second round. We see Jeremy May tell Rampage that he wants a rematch with Matt Brown and then also proceeds to tell Matt Brown that he wants a rematch with him while Brown is in the locker room directly afterward. He says something to the effect of why couldn’t he have landed that triangle and how badly he wants a rematch.

Brown expresses his disgust to his teammates that Jeremy talked to him about a rematch directly after he lost to Amir. Jesse Taylor chimes in and says that if May is welcomed back to the UFC, he’ll take a dump on his hands and put it on his face. gladly accepts that offer. Taylor continues to talk trash about May, calling him about every name in the book. Even when May returns to the house Taylor continues on his rant about May. Some heat is starting to build between the two.

Jeremy then conveys to teammate Gerald Harris that he is going to try to push Taylor’s buttons later on that evening to try and get him to punch him so Taylor gets kicked off the show. Harris thinks it’s a bad idea and says he would bet money that Jesse doesn’t hit Jeremy because there’s too much at stake. May continues to plot and scheme and later on that night after a bit of boozing, he decides to push Jesse’s buttons to get him to react.

After an exchange of insults during a rousing game of Spades, May says something about Taylor’s Jewish heritage and that sets him off and throws a kick at Jeremy that misses before his teammates and other cast members hold him back while Jeremy continues to egg him on. Everything eventually cools down and Jeremy tries to make a half-assed apology to Taylor which Taylor “accepts” in good will but he makes it known that what May did crossed the line. I have to agree and also think that in no way will Jesse have to spread his own poo on his face. I doubt we’ll see Jeremy May again in the UFC.

Anyways, apparently there’s a fight about to happen as we see Tim Credeur and Dan Cramer make weight. Shortly thereafter, it’s fight time.

Tim Credeur (Team Forrest) vs. Dan Cramer (Team Rampage)

Round 1

Both fighters come out firing with punches before Tim Credeur checks a kick from Cramer and pushes him up against the cage. Cramer is able to secure an underhook and lands a takedown, quickly moving to side control where he lands some nice punches and elbows. Credeur is able to scramble back to his feet but eats some big punches on the way up from Cramer which seem to have him dazed. Cramer follows him around the cage landing big punches from different angles that seem to rock Credeur. Cramer clinches and lands another takedown, quickly moving to mount but is unable to land any effective blows before Credeur sweeps him, landing in Cramer’s guard and passes to side control. Cramer tries to kick him off and stand up but Credeur grabs a leg and locks in a heel hook. Cramer tries to escape by grabbing the cage but eventually falls to the floor and taps as Credeur sinks it in tight.

Winner: Tim Credeur via submission (heel hook), round one

Back at the house, we get to see some hype for the C.B. Dollaway vs. Cale Yarbrough fight and there is no love loss between these two fighters. Dollaway makes fun of Cale and says he’s going to get a big “C” branded on his arm because Cale’s looks so cool.

Dana White lets the fighters and coaches go out go-carting to blow off some steam because they’ve been cooped up in the house for so long. They all seem to enjoy it and Rampage certainly does because he’s tearing up the race track in his go-cart. The excitement from the go-carting experience carries over to the house and, of course, alcohol becomes involved. And now, ladies and gentlemen, let the annual destruction of the house begin. Destroying the house has become a “tradition” on TUF throughout the years and it’s really getting old. It was old last season and even older this season. You know the gist. Chairs stuck in the walls, windows destroyed, yada, yada, yada.

Thank god the destruction of the house is over and it’s finally fight time.

C.B. Dollaway (Team Rampage) vs. Cale Yarbrough (Team Forrest)

Round 1

As round one starts, Spike TV cuts to a commercial and comes back in at about the 3:50 mark where it seems that C.B. has taken down Cale and is pounding on him. Much what we expected, but what a terrible time for a commercial. Anyways, Dollaway tries to secure the crucifix position to unload punishment on Yarbrough but Yarbrough tries to roll away. C.B. puts an end to it and nails him with punches and elbows, eventually securing full mount. From there he pounds on Cale with vicious elbows. Cale gives up his back and C.B. sinks his hooks in to control his body more thoroughly and try for a rear naked choke. When that doesn’t work, C.B. simply concentrates on controlling Cale’s body from the back mount and pounding Cale out. Cale turtles up, doesn’t fight back while C.B. lands strike after strike and Herb Dean calls the fight. Easy work for Dollaway.

Winner: C.B. Dollaway via TKO, round one

Now it’s time to pick the semifinal matchups. Forrest is the only coach there because we learn that Rampage overslept because there were good movies on the night before. Good one, Rampage. So Forrest thinks he’ll get the matchups he wants, which are Jesse Taylor vs. C.B. Dollaway and Tim Credeur vs. Amir Sadollah. Even being the only coach in the room with Dana White, Forrest still doesn’t get the matchups he wants. The semifinal matchups are as follows:

  • Tim Credeur vs. Jesse Taylor
  • C.B. Dollaway vs. Amir Sadollah

Next week we’ll get to see the traditional coaches’ challenge, which seems to be a game of HORSE, and also the first semifinal fight which is Tim Credeur vs. Jesse Taylor.

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