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Dana White: no Floyd, no FOX, no WWE, not going public

So earlier today, our Sam Caplan discussed several theories about what the “huge announcement” will be made this Thursday by UFC president Dana White… and today the man himself took a squat on pretty much everything we at Five Ounces of Pain thought might be revealed.

Dana White and Brock Lesnar appeared on CNBC’s Power Lunch show to talk about the new licensing deal the UFC just signed with JAKKS Pacific (read the press release here).

More interesting, is the list of rumors Dana put to rest:

  • Boxer Floyd Mayweather joining the UFCNo!
  • WWE partnering with the UFC in any capacityNo!
  • UFC appearing on FOX, ABC or another networkNo!
  • UFC having an IPO and going publicNo!

So loyal readers – what’s going to be revealed on Thursday is ANYONE’S GUESS.

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