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KJ Noons: Nick Diaz is “a big crybaby”

KJ Noons had some choice words for the man that he beat to win EliteXC’s 160 lbs. title late last year at EliteXC: Renegade after a reporter asked him about the notion that he’s been dodging Diaz:

“But I don’t dodge anybody. As a champion, you can’t duck anyone. You only have one option. You fight the best. Whoever that is, that’s who I fight. Unfortunately, Nick’s not the best now. I have to fight the top guy as the champion. Right now that guy is Yves Edwards.

“Of course, it would be great to fight Nick in the future. It would be a great payday for me. (But) Nick is such a big crybaby. Let him rebuild himself and then we’ll fight again. I’d love an easy payday.

“It’s ridiculous what Diaz’ camp was saying. Why would they think I’m dodging him? I gave him plastic surgery on his face. That’s a fact. As long as he can get a doctor’s note, (I’m all for) round two.’’

And of course, Nick Diaz fires back:

“Noons is a little (expletive) and it doesn’t even matter what I am thinking about him because we are not fighting. Noons won on a cut. He is only a paper champion. His days are numbered.’’

Diaz is correct. Noons did win on a cut. But let’s not forget that Noons was completely outclassing him during the course of the fight. He beat Diaz up on the feet, stuffed all of Diaz’s telegraphed and sloppy takedowns and didn’t allow him any room to breathe. For Diaz to call Noons a paper champion is stepping over the line because even though the fight was stopped on a cut it was a completely legitimate stoppage and it wasn’t like Diaz was ahead on anyone’s scorecard. He was on his way to losing the figh and losing badly.

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