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What people are saying about the UFC’s big announcement



Since UFC President Dana White’s proclamation in an interview that he was going to make a huge announcement on Thursday, the rumor mill has been spinning overtime. Everyone is trying to coax something out of their sources. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve called. Nobody has heard anything concrete, but most insiders believe that a sale of some sort pertaining to the UFC is a part of the announcement, but that White will continue to serve as the promotion’s president.

However, it’s important to note that the above possibility is purely speculation. Nobody has anything concrete. But until Thursday comes, our imaginations will be allowed to run wild. Below is a sampling of what other people are speculating the announcement will be:, a site that has been breaking some big stories lately, looks at a few possibilities, but has a source saying the following:

Zuffa has sold the UFC to FOX: Ah yes, the big (and most logical) one which comes to us from a reliable source. We’ve heard the UFC on FOX rumors for quite some time and we’ve also heard the rumors that the promotion was on sale. We also know that the UFC was not willing to work with a network unless they had full production control. However, what if a network bought them for a hefty price? Then, all of a sudden, that issue is, well, an non-issue. The bottom line is that this is the kind of announcement you rent a secret location for.

Of course, there’s this report from the always reliable (sarcasm, please): has just caught word of an EARTH SHAKING rumor. According to a number of sources within the UFC, Floyd Mayweather is set to be the first big name boxer to sign on as a mixed martial arts fighter.

One UFC insider, who asked to remain nameless, told that the reported deal will net Floyd more than $200 million in cash and equity in teh UFC. Word is that the deal will be announced at a press conference set for this Thursday.

And then there is this fun unconfirmed rumor from a poster on the forums at

From a very reliable source, rumor has it that a group of investors led by Dana White have agreed in principle to purchase the UFC from Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta for an undisclosed amount. Included in this investment group is WWE’s Vince McMahon who will now own a minority stake in the company. They also have plans on taking the company public by years end.

At the press conference also expect Dana to announce that with the help of McMahon, who has extensive connections in the New York State Athletic Commission, they were able to get the UFC sanctioned in New York, and plan on having a show sometime in the winter at Madison Square Garden. That is all I have right now.

MMAPayout is now adding the following: has learned that financial giant Morgan Stanley has reportedly been working on a collaborative/financial deal between Zuffa and another party… Sources have told that a significant licensing deal may be part of the planned announcement. Licensing and merchandising has long been identified as a major untapped revenue stream for the UFC. Adding even more intrigue is WWE’s rumored involvement in the deal. The WWE also has a press conference scheduled for Thursday.

Whatever it is, it better be good.

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