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The Ultimate Fighter 7: Week 11 Recap

tuf-7.bmpThe show opens with a recap of last week’s fights between C.B. Dollaway and Cale Yarbrough as well as Tim Credeur vs. Dan Cramer with Dollaway and Credeur coming out on top. Amir Sadollah and Jesse Taylor await the winners in the semifinals and this week we’ll see the first of the two semifinal matches with Jesse Taylor taking on Tim Credeur.

As usual every season, during one of the final episodes, we have the coaches’ challenge. Last season it was bowling, the year before it was ping-pong. This year? A game of HORSE. Dana takes the fighters and the coaches to a suite at a hotel that happens to have a half-court basketball court. Forrest tells us that he’s played a little ball in his high school days but hasn’t shot a basketball in over two years. Rampage proclaims himself as the worst basketball player on earth, saying that he’s an asskicker, not a ball player.

Dana offers $10,000 to the coach who wins and $1,000 for the fighters on the winning team. He also offers Rampage a chance to up the ante and says he’ll double the fighter money if he sinks a three-pointer. Rampage sinks the three-pointer off the backboard and it ends up being the only basket he’ll make all night.

Forrest is dead serious about playing some ball and is draining everything. Rampage can’t even make a layup. In my experience, wrestlers are some of the worst basketball players of all time. Rampage is no exception to this rule. He is bricking everything. To seal the deal, Forrest dunks it. Rampage doesn’t even try, concedes defeat, and Forrest and his team win the money. But Rampage says “Forrest still has to see me in the Octagon.” And that’s really what it’s all about isn’t it?

Back at the house, Jesse Taylor gets a terrible haircut that is supposed to be a dollar sign in the back of his hair and transforms into a character that he likes to call “JT Money.” Little does he know that the late 1990’s rapper JT Money wants his royalty check because he’s broke and he only made one rap song that was ever popular, a terrible “jam” called “Who Dat.” But I digress. Lots of the fighters make fun of Jeese’s haircut, saying it looks like a cock and balls. And they’re right.

Jesse and some of the other fighters decide to drink a little and have some fun. Wait, let me rephrase that. Jesse decides to go on an absolute bender and some of the other fighters have some drinks. Jesse is hammered, breaking the tops off of beer bottles and trying to drink out of them. Finally his friend and opponent, Tim Credeur, makes him get into the hot tub. But not before Jesse changed into his bathing suit and pisses in his pants in his room inside the house, leaving a puddle of urine on his floor. Take note that this is the second time that Jesse has pissed his pants on the show.

The next morning, Jesse apparently isn’t even hung over and the focus shifts to the fight between he and Credeur. Jesse has a child, unfortunately for humankind, and tells us that he’s fighting for his son and has sacrificed being with his son to be here on the show. Credeur tells us a similar story about his wife and about how she has encouraged him to stay in the sport when he had considered getting out of it just six months earlier because it was hurting his family and he wasn’t making any money off of it. This is one of the first times where we actually get to know these guys and their story. It makes the fight a little more intriguing to me, personally. These two guys are best friends in the house but say they’re not going to be afraid to inflict damage on one another inside the cage.

After they weigh in, it’s fight time…

Jesse Taylor (Team Forrest) vs. Tim Credeur (Team Forrest)

Round 1

Jesse jabs to keep Credeur at a distance and immediately shoots for the double leg and puts Credeur on his back. Taylor lands some hammer fists, some elbows, and Tim is getting completely manhandled by Taylor on his back. Credeur throws up an armbar attempt that Jesse defends and is able to get back to full guard. Credeur eats some more blows from Taylor on top and is trying to work butterfly guard for a sweep but is unable to maneuever out of Taylor’s top control. Credeur throws up another armbar attempt and then tries to transition to the triangle but both fail and Jesse ends up back in his guard, throwing down more punishment. Round ends with Jesse in Credeur’s guard doling out punishment.

Round 2

Credeur whiffs on a headkick coming out of the box and Jesse takes him down and puts him on his back. The round opens just like the last round with Jesse doling out punishment from top position until Credeur is able to sweep him from butterfly guard and ends up in the mount position. Taylor gives up his back but Tim is unable to secure position and Jesse is able to put him back on the mat on his back and continues to smother him and work from top position. Tim again tries to throw up all kinds of submissions but they are each stuffed and defended by Taylor who keeps him on the mat and continues to work and smother as the round ends.

Round 3

Jesse throws a punch and shoots for the takedown which Credeur is able to defend for a minute but is eventually put on his back once again. Credeur works a sweep and is able to get out but is easily wrestled back to the ground by Taylor. Taylor is absolutely overpowering and smothering in this fight. Credeur once again throws up submission attempts. He throws up a failed armbar and transitions to a triangle choke that looks like it might be a good opportunity but is unable to cinch it in. Taylor powers out and continues to fend off Credeur’s sweep attempts and smothers him for the rest of the round.

Winner: Jesse Taylor via unanimous decision

The two men hug after the fight and Credeur is a little weepy and tells Jesse he earned it. Jesse pukes in a bucket in his corner and proclaims “I had eggs.” Credeur says “I had oatmeal.” Funny moment. Jesse is now in the finals and will face the winner of C.B. Dollaway vs. Amir Sadollah. Or will he?

As the show was going off the air, they showed the usual preview for next week’s show. Obviously there’s the fight between C.B. and Amir but also the promised “most shocking moment” in TUF history. We see Dana showing Rampage and Forrest what seems to be a security tape of someone kicking the window out of a limousine from the inside while the limo is at a red light. Then Dana proceeds to say that the culprit is off the finale and out of the UFC. Early speculation is Jesse. Who else would be dumb enough to do such a thing and jeopardize their opportunity in the UFC? I guess we’ll just have to wait until next week to see.

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