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Matt Hughes involved in new UFC reality show?

The boys over at MMA Payout report this latest nugget of information from Dave Meltzer in the newest print edition of The Wrestling Observer:

“UFC is going to do a new reality show. I don’t know the details of the show itself, but my impression is it involves Matt Hughes in a big way.”

Lord knows all that this world needs is another reality show. Matt Hughes? Really? I mean, sure the guy is a polarizing figure. Many fans love him and many fans hate him but his stock is at an all-time low right now considering the devastating losses at the hands of Georges St. Pierre and most recently Thiago Alves. I just don’t see Hughes being able to carry a reality show that gets a lot of viewers.

Also, what kind of premise might they be thinking about? What could they possibly do for a reality show besides what they already have? “The Ultimate Ring Girl”? “The Ultimate Deer Hunter”? The premise that the UFC has now with TUF is just about the only thing that I think works for the UFC product. I just don’t see what kind of show this thing might be unless it’s completely unrelated to fighting whatsoever.

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