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Mayhem Miller: Jacare “is overhyped”

Straight from the horse’s mouth, the always entertaining Jason “Mayhem” Miller has some choice words in an interview with Sherdog for his opponent this Sunday and for those who think he’s going to get slaughtered at DREAM 4:

“This kid is overhyped, you know what I mean?” Miller says. “He fought a bunch of chumps, and now he thinks he’s awesome. So that’s cool. Whatever. But I’ve fought the toughest names in the business and beat many of them. … Am I expecting an easy fight? No. But at the same time, I love the fact that [people] think I’m going to get murdered because he’s got a bunch of f—ing Internet Web clips of him submitting dudes.”

Like I said in my DREAM 4 Grand Prix preview, I feel Miller has the advantage in this fight due to his overall experience level, his better MMA skill set, and his toughness. He is unbelievably hard to finish and has beat some of the best guys in the fight game today. The fact that he is coming in as an underdog in the odds is actually a bit surprising to me. Sure, Jacare is a beast on the ground but he has never faced anyone in MMA that’s even close to Miller’s caliber. Out of all the fights this weekend, this one has to be the most intriguing matchup of them all but I feel pretty strongly that Miller will step up to the plate and deliver a victory to his Monkeys. Like Miller said himself in the same interview: “I’ve been fighting since Heavy D was skinny.” Advantage Mayhem.

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