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Dana White attempts to play down the “huge announcement”

I know you are all probably sick of hearing about Dana White’s “huge” announcement and just want to hear what it actually is but alas, you, like the rest of the world will have to wait until Tuesday to get the full story.

In the meantime however, Mark Chalifoux from the Baltimore Sun recently conducted an interview with the UFC president. In an excerpt from that interview, which can be found here, White discusses this Tuesday’s announcement and in my opinion seems rather taken aback by the commotion triggered by his comments on ESPN last week.

From the Baltimore Sun:

Dana White: I’m doing it Tuesday. Let me tell you how out of [expletive deleted] control that thing is. I was talking to ESPN and [the reporter] was talking about competition and I said, ‘Let me tell you what. People have been trying to compete with the UFC for years, even before we bought it. The last big one everyone thought was a big threat … was the IFL. They went public, raised 800-[expletive deleted] million dollars, then they were talking about doing fighter benefits and stuff. They got the first network deal and those other guys weren’t the first on. They got time on 60 Minutes with us when 60 Minutes did their piece on us, and now the IFL is gone. They are [expletive deleted] down, their stock is worth half a cent (Editor’s note: IFLI closed today at $0.02). That’s what we were talking about that day and I said I’m going to make an announcement to my employees that shows everyone exactly where this business is going in the next couple years.

I said I wanted to make the announcement to my employees, so it’s not even like I was making a big announcement to the media. If I was doing that I would’ve had a big news conference and then gone off to London. I wanted to wait until I was back to do it.

It’s a big [expletive deleted] announcement, it’s a big [expletive deleted] deal but I got a lot of other stuff we’re working on right now. It was never anything I said I was going to announce to the media.


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