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Jesse Taylor ousted on TUF 7; Amir Sadollah vs. C.B. Dollaway in the finals


Sorry that we didn’t have a full recap up this morning but I didn’t get a chance to see any part of the show until this morning and time is short, so here’s the skinny:Amir Sadollah beat C.B. Dollaway in the second semifinal matchup last night in a fight that C.B. was controlling for two rounds. Amir did catch him with some good shots and had him rocked a couple of times but Dollaway was able to regain his composure and take back control of the fight on the ground. Amir looked good, throwing lots of powerful shots, persevering through a nasty cut underneath his eye, and throwing up submission attempts from the bottom. In the third round it was clear that Amir was the fresher fighter and he rushed Dollaway and they ended up on the ground. From there Dollaway was careless and got caught in a tight armbar to which he immediately tapped.

They announced the finals as Jesse Taylor vs. Amir Sadollah and then Dana White tells us the story of how Taylor gets kicked off the show. Apparently Dana takes all the fighters out after the show to go clubbing, eat, kick back, and enjoy Vegas. Jesse and a couple of others stayed behind a day or so more and that’s when things got interesting. Jesse apparently drank too much (to no one’s surprise) and kicked out a window of a limousine at Stations Casino. He then went inside of the casino and was harassing several of the female patrons. Security came and Jesse was yelling “Do you know who I am? I’m a UFC fighter?”

Dana brought the coaches in, told them about the situation, and it’s decided that Jesse will be out of the UFC and out of the finals. They brought Jesse in to tell him that he’s out of the UFC and that he’s physically ready for the UFC but that he’s nowhere near mentally ready. Dana told him that it’s different when you’re tearing up the house and having fun but when you get out into the real world and do that kind of thing, you get arrested. Jesse actually showed some real emotion and regret for what he’d done, as well he should. He ruined the biggest opportunity of his life over some drinks and what he perceived to be some fun.

WATCH an interview with Jesse Taylor, he gives his side of the story.

From there, they didn’t know what to do. This is the first time this has ever happened in TUF history. So they brought back C.B. Dollaway and Tim Credeur, the losers of the semifinals, to fight against one another to determine who goes on to face Amir in the finals. This very well could have been the best fight of the entire season. It was a see-saw, back and forth battle that saw both guys land shots on the feet and land takedowns. C.B. got takedowns a couple of times but Credeur got right back up and was surprisingly effective on his feet. It was a hell of a fight and could have gone either way, but the judges score it a unanimous decision for C.B. Dollaway.

So we’ll see C.B. Dollaway vs. Amir Sadollah in the finals for the right to become the next Ultimate Fighter.

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