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Nick Diaz: “This is war to me…”


The ever-controversial Nick Diaz had some words to say to his rival K.J. Noons regarding what happened inside of the cage after Noons’ impressive title defense against Yves Edwards. From Yahoo! Sports:

“I’m not a punk and I don’t start (expletive),” Diaz said. “They brought me to the cage to do an interview about the rematch. I was doing my job. I didn’t go in there like some crazy psycho (expletive). It wasn’t staged. But it was all because of this (expletive) poser.”

“My car pulled up in front of the hotel and he and his girlfriend and his mom and dad were there,” Diaz said. “Right away, he put his mug on me. He was staring me down and trying to give the impression that he’s hard core. I flipped him off, but he’s standing over there like he’s flashing. I go, ‘What the (expletive) are you doing? I’m not the one doing (expletive).’ I couldn’t understand why this guy is putting his mug on me, but he had to act like he was some kind of a (expletive) tough guy in front of his girlfriend and his Dad.”

“This is war, this is life, and I take this very seriously,” Diaz said. “I’m not the one bringing my family into the ring and showing them off. I’m not the one who (showed up to the pre-fight news conference) in a (expletive) suit trying to act like I’m some kind of tough guy (expletive) rich kid. This is war to me and we have a serious situation on our hands now.”

This is pure Nick Diaz gold. Statements like these are why the guy is so polarizing. Love him or hate him, he makes you want to watch any fight that he’s in. He’s created enough hype already for both Noons and himself combined. Without Diaz, this would just be any other fights. With Diaz, it’s a recipe for viewers. He can make a situation like Noons mean muggin’ him sound like Noons punched his mom in the face while she was making brownies.

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