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“MMA Live” Episode 6 feat. Dana White

  • Ian says:

    If Dana was so interested in giving mma fans free shows, UFC 85 would have been an ideal card to do it.

    I love how he tries to come off like he’s putting on this impromptu card that just happens to be on the same date as Affliction’s, out of the goodness of his heart and love for the sport, rather than the reality that he’s just doing it to take any attention he can away from Affliction.

    And before you Dana White sound-bite parrots come out of the wood work to say that he’s well within his rights to put on a show to compete with Affliction or anyone else, I agree with you. Just don’t wax poetic about how you used to watch free boxing as a kid and are putting this show on for any other reason than to hurt your competitor.

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  • Nate says:

    Dana says in 8 years, MMA will be the world’s biggest sport. It seems insane to think anything can beat soccer.

    Also I dont see how it can happen without China/India/Thailand/Japan/Russia being able to buy /watch the fights live in those countries.

    lots of stuff to overcome.

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