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Pros and Cons: TUF 7 Finale

Con. Making Evan Tanner fight in Las Vegas. Come on now, you have global expansion and new cards popping up in Minnesota and Georgia and you tell Evan Tanner, perhaps the most addiction-riddled fighter you have, to headline in Las Vegas? Why don’t you just pay him in Crown Royal and casino chips? I’m not saying it is in any way the UFC’s responsibility to protect Evan Tanner from himself, he’ll find a way regardless. If you found out Jason Lambert was addicted to wine and cheese would you put him on the first card in Paris? Oh, breaking news…. EXC is headlining their first ever show in Jamaica. Nick Diaz, phone call on line one. Again, not their faults, there’s just something really funny about it.

Pro. July 19th UFC show. Awesome, something to tivo for after I buy and watch Affliction. I’m not going to complain about free MMA, I just fail to see the point. Who was going to get the Affliction show that won’t now? Like 7? Only like 200 people in the entire world even know about the Affliction show and like 20 of them are fighting on the card. The only thing I could think of is that they wanted to make sure random bar TVs were tuned into the UFC instead of Affliction. That I could see. But at the same time you’re then basing your business decisions around people at Hooters. Thanks for the show though.

Con. Evan Tanner losing. We all know this was the top con to come out of the show. I’ve seen multiple people write that it makes them uncomfortable to see him get beat up. Maybe it’s a father figure thing. Or maybe I’m the only one with a bearded alcohol father. Either way it’s like Rich Franklin fighting Anderson Silva. We just kind of cringe and wish he’d get out of there because it’s like watching a homeless person get beat up by an unruly teenager. Props to Kendall Grove for showing up and handling your business but stop beating up our dad.

Pro. Cecil Peoples. My boy continues to rep by adding to his record of times he’s been the only differing score after a fight. I’m not going to beat a dead horse but we have MMA stat people and analysts at this point, right? People that come up with all these fancy sabermetric figures and statistics? Can we get one on how many times Cecil Peoples has had a different score than two agreeing judges? Ballpark me. I want to know this. Sam, can you hire Stats Inc.?

Con. Al Lefkowitz. Who in the hell do you think you are giving that Grove/Tanner fight to Tanner? You sir are no Cecil Peoples and you never will be. Cecil does it for fun because he’s a wacky guy, you saying Tanner beat Grove is just a dick move. Did they sit you behind a concrete beam? Do you like beards? Did you want to thank him for breaking out that picture that showed the UFC gets that awesome misty black background by having a chubby lady stand on a chair with a spray bottle? I don’t even have the words. I tried to Google image search that name just to project anger at a face and I swear to God the first picture is a guy in a football helmet from a 1950’s era picture eating a raw steak being held up by an old Spanish woman.

Con. UFC official records. We’re all used to seeing each and every official record be slightly better than what a fight finder would show it to be. This can be understandable and explained that early smaller fights were never officially recorded. I get that. Could someone explain CB Dollaway’s record progression this year? I believe he came to the show 6-0 and when he fought on the finale he was 7-1. Obviously they counted his semi-final loss as an official fight. And then I suppose his second semi-final comeback as a win. Were these really official? Is it because they start the three round format then? You can’t tell me the early round fights are amateur fights when you have the NSAC there overlooking everything and the winner gets thousands of dollars. I thought the very definition of an amateur was someone that doesn’t get paid for their work. Or maybe there are loopholes everywhere and this is all exactly what they’re supposed to do. Hopefully we’ll never see anything as bad as former TUF cast member Kristian Rotharmel and his hundred fights when Sherdog had him at 4-3 again.

Pro. Phil Baroni cutting to 170lbs. I more or less go out of my way to not insult the fighters but my exception to the rule seems to always be Hammer House. I love Phil Baroni. I love his pre-fight talking, I love his lack of vocabulary and I love watching him gas in 40 seconds. So what’s the answer for the man who can’t fight longer than four minutes? Why cut another weight class of course. Brilliant news. Yes, cutting 15 extra pounds should certainly help. The only way this is smart is if he’s naturally going to lose 15lbs of muscle for some mysterious reason. Hmmm…. what, don’t look at me, it’s not like it’s just speculation.

Con. People calling out Kimbo. Okay, I just added this one. We get it, you don’t respect him enough to think he deserves all of this fame and publicity yet you respect it enough to want to cash in on a match with him yourself. Isn’t that like insulting the people on that MTV show “The Hills” and then lobbying to get a guest appearance? I’ve worked with Paul Buentello in the past and to his credit he’s a really smart, decent guy that was doing it while Kimbo was still the internet guy. But he started a trend of every Tom, Dick and Harry popping up rambling on with a pro wrestling monologue calling him out. Who will it be tomorrow? Oh, Kevin Randleman and Kimo. Yay. We know when guys like Jeff Monson call him out that (a) he ain’t gettin’ the fight and (b) he’d beat him. So what’s the point? It’s especially funny when you hear it from guys that probably couldn’t beat him anyway.

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