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Ivan Salaverry hangs up the gloves

In the least surprising announcement of the year, Ivan Salaverry has revealed to Sherdog that he is retiring from the sport of mixed martial arts:

“Basically, I am just not prioritizing fighting anymore,” Salaverry told “Even though I love fighting and I had a great run and I enjoyed it, I’ve transitioned to other things. There are quite a few variables as to why I stepped away and not just one. I’m older now; I’m 37 and not 27. I also have some injuries that are just not recovering, too. And within that scope, I have my school and my two kids. Fighting is not just a priority anymore.”

I think I speak for most MMA fans when I say that Ivan’s had a great run in MMA and has been an unsung hero in terms of pioneers during the modern era of the sport. Best of luck to Salaverry in whatever endeavors he pursues in the future.

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