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EliteXC’s V.P. says Silva vs. Kharitonov is “not happening”; clarifies other reports

EliteXC Vice President Jared Shaw contacted to correct several stories that have appeared on this site that have been attributed to other sources.

In response to a story that appeared on that claimed a fight between Kimbo Slice and Brett Rogers had been “confirmed for October,” Shaw said he was mis-quoted in the piece. He clarified his position by stating that “A fight could possibly take place between Kimbo and Rogers within the next 12 months” but added that nothing has been made official. Shaw believes that the two are destined to fight but that it’s not expected to happen until scheduling and the proper platform can be worked out.

Shaw also responded to a report that claimed Antonio Silva had agreed verbally to fight Sergei Kharitonov for the vacant EliteXC heavyweight title during the SHOWTIME portion of the next installment of “Saturday Night Fights” on July 26 in Stockton, Calif. He issued a clear denial, saying “That fight is 100 percent not happening.”

When asked about whether an opponent was in place for Silva, Shaw indicated that one has been selected that is worthy of fighting for a title but that a deal was in the process of being finalized.

Shaw also indicated that an announced fight between Nick Diaz and Thomas Denny is considered likely to air on CBS on July 26, but that thus far, the only two bouts are guaranteed to be broadcast during the network television portion of the card. Those two fights include a rematch for the EliteXC middleweight title between Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith as well as a bout featuring Jake Shields and Nick Thompson competing for the vacant EliteXC welterweight title.

While speaking with Shaw, he expressed why he felt a need to correct some of the existing reports that he felt are erroneous.

“People like to make comments all the time, speak in anonymity, or sometimes run with stories without actually speaking to the parties involved,” Shaw stated. “Over the past three days I have read too many erroneous reports, from the demise of Gary Shaw, to CBS pushing us into making matches, to matches that aren’t event happening. It’s great to have your name out in the public; branding is branding, but the fact remains if it hasn’t come form one of the horse’s mouths, then it can only be taken as a rumor. Those horses are Doug DeLuca, Gary Shaw, Jeremy Lappen, and myself.”

Since this site has referenced reports from other sites that Shaw is being phased down, we felt it was only fair to give Shaw a chance to address specific reports that his father’s role in the company had been downgraded.

“EliteXC is a team with core values,” he responded. “Nothing will or has changed. Gary will not be in the public eye as much, because he has other endeavors blossoming, and wants to spend more time with family (mainly grandchildren and his wife). I’m not gonna lie to you; the Tim Russert episode really struck a chord with Gary. He has an extensive travel schedule and is a workaholic much the way Tim was… And (the) truth is he’s getting up there in age.

“So Gary is at a point now where he just can’t keep up the constant back and forth to California from his home (in New Jersey). And so he’s just taking a step back in his life, not in the company (and) not being pushed. Just taking some time to be healthy and enjoy everything he’s built from the ground up. The creator rarely gets to smile at his artwork because he’s so busy making more.

“I’m here; I’m talking to you now, I’m saying the Shaws are not going anywhere. EliteXC is not going anywhere. CBS is not trying to control our way of promoting. We will see everyone on July 26th with another great card from EliteXC, SHOWTIME, and CBS. Last but not least I just want to put these names out in the public: Jaydee Penn, Rich Chou, J.T. Steele, Eric Naranjo: that’s the team along with, Doug, Jeremy, and myself. That’s EliteXC; they all deserve credit. We work as one (and) nothing is changing.

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