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Matt Riddle talks about Jesse Taylor’s rampage

Matt Riddle talked with TAGG Radio yesterday and gave some more insight into the events that led up to Jesse Taylor getting kicked out of the TUF 7 finals. MMA Junkie has the quotes:

“I was in the limo when [Taylor kicked out the window], and it wasn’t just the window,” Riddle said. “The night before, he got kicked out of another club for wrestling around all in the bathroom, out of control.

“Then the following night, we went out with Rampage to PURE (nightclub), and the security didn’t want to kick Jesse out because he is so big and a fighter, and the last thing they needed was this guy going crazy. So they asked me … and a bunch of guys from the show to escort him out. When we told [Taylor] he got kicked out, he flipped out in Caesars Palace.

“We were all dragging [Taylor] through the casino and trying to get him out the front door, and security was threatening to hit him up with pepper spray and Tazers because he was out of control. We finally got to the front door, and we literally couldn’t find a taxi, so I had to pay for a limo.

“In the limo, we are still holding him down because he was so pissed off and going crazy. Eventually, about 10 minutes into the ride, he calms down, and we get back to the Palace Station. Now, Zuffa (the UFC’s parent company) owns the Palace Station, so that’s why they have all the video footage. So what does JT do the second we park? (He) lies down on his back and kicks out the biggest window in the limo.”

The fact that it was at a point to where the security was threatening Taylor with pepper spray and tazers speaks volumes about Taylor’s behavior. The kid is just not mentally ready for the big time. I’m sure the fact that he’s been in exile for a while now has given him a good bit of time to think about what he’s done but who’s to say that if he makes it big in the UFC that he won’t revert right back to the same kind of behavior?

All of the guys from TUF talk about how hard it is when you’ve had that exposure and are now under the microscope. Kendall Grove let the Vegas lifestyle almost ruin his career and he seems twice as mentally strong as Taylor at this point. I think Jesse deserves to be in the UFC but I do wonder what will happen to him if he lets the glitz and glamor get into his head.

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