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Melvin Guillard: “I just need to get back to having fun and winning fights”

In the traditional pre-fight interview with, UFC 86 competitor, Melvin Guillard, spoke about his last fight (against Rich Clementi at UFC 79) and his new outlook on fighting.


“My last two fights had affected me badly,” said Guillard. “My dad had just died, so my mind wasn’t really into fighting and my heart wasn’t there but I want it to be there. Now I’m back and I’m ready.”

“The loss I got from him (Clementi) I can’t base that and say that Rich is a better fighter than me because technically we got in a street fight and technically I beat the s**t out of him. But now I’m over that, I’m more mature now, I don’t care. I just want to get better and get my rematch inside the ring and I’m going to leave it like that.”

“I just want to be a legend in the sport, I want to be a champion, and I want to be a hall of famer,” he said. “It ain’t about the money to me anymore. Fighting to live, fighting to survive, it ain’t about that anymore. Now it’s about just having fun, and right now I just need to get back to having fun and winning fights.”

Now I don’t want to nitpick but the whole article sounds like the leftovers from the article put up before UFC 79. It all basically reads the same stuff about how Guillard had turned the corner, the leaf and the magical life pancake but in the end he was still the same fighter in the cage and ended the whole saga by calling Clementi a “mat rat” in a post fight interview.

But like all Guillard fights it will be interesting to see if he will actually be able to capitalize on the undisputed potential he possesses.

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