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UFC 89: Bisping vs. Leben officially announced

ufc-89.JPG The UFC officially announced today that the they would once again be making a return to England when Michael Bisping and Chris Leben face off against one another in a middleweight clash at UFC 89.

The event will take place in Birmingham, England on Saturday, October 18th live from the National Indoor Arena. Tickets will be sold to the general public beginning this Sunday, July 6.

These two fighters were set to square off against one another at UFC 85 but Leben had to pull out of the fight due to some legal issues that landed him a stint in jail relating back to a previous DUI charge in Oregon before he moved to Hawaii.

Bisping instead fought Jason Day at UFC 85 and made short work of him, finishing him via TKO in the first round, making him 2-0 at middleweight.

Leben hasn’t been in the Octagon since March when he defeated Alessio Sakara via first round TKO at UFC 82. His legal troubles have been resolved so there should be no more issues with him taking this fight.

  • Jye says:

    This needs a solid co-main event to make it legit….. but this should still be a great fight anyway. I’m sure all the UK fans will feel it’s a deserving main event

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  • Bofa Dees says:

    Hoping for a double KO. Can’t stand either of them. Terrible main event, better be free.

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  • RUSH says:

    I remember when UFC 87 was officially announced we were all worried because it was tagged as being headlined by Lesnar vs. Coleman on…. but that only lasted a few days until they announced the main event of St Pierre-Fitch… so I’m thinking Silva vs. Okami gets announced right after July 19th

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  • Scott (U.K) says:

    Why can’t Bisping fight in the US? I feel they are purposely keeping him out of the mainstream until they are sure he is a contender.

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  • Jay says:

    Leben gets dismantled quick in that one.

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  • mike wolfe says:

    I’ve always wondered whether Bisping is for real or whether his career has been carefully charted to build the UK fan base. Leben is the most formidible opponent Bisping has faced, so we’ll see how he does. They’re both scrappers, so this could be an exciting fight.

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  • AdamsFamily says:

    I agree with mike wolfe – definitely an orchestrated build up of Bisping. I am a fan however: he’s always game, always aggressive but hasn’t fought a knock out artist yet in the UFC. Love or loath Leben he hits very hard, has a great guard and has to go unconscious to give in.
    I think its a good match up. The question is – if Bisping wins are they rushing him to the top a division that is thining of top talent day by day?
    Oh, and Bisping has one of the best ‘walk ins’ in the game.

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  • Big Chuck says:

    talk about “charisma and excitement” … this is a GREAT match-up … Bisping INSISTS on standing and we all KNOW Leben loves to “bang” …
    Bisping does not have the power Leben has … Leben by KO

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  • Bad Monkey says:

    Bisping is in for a serious fight. Leben has improved a lot in the last year or so and he is as tough as they come. Plus, one shot from Leben and Bisping is asleep on the mat dreaming of tea & crumpets. Anarchy in the UK!!!!

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  • ShiTSoN says:

    UFC has totally tried to dish bisping perfect opponents to build up a western european star to focus their expansion on. Problem is, he hasn’t proved anything…

    Hamill was totally screwed by the judges when they fought, and beating up mccarthy and day at mw isn’t exactly impressive. in my mind hes really fought 2, maybe 3 legit opponents. both evans and hamill clearly won IMO.

    Bisping does look very quick since the drop, but my money’s on Leben… Unless it goes to the judges scorecards!

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  • Phil says:

    Bisping is too well rounded for Leben. I can’t believe people are still on Bispings backs for fighting wrestlers who outweighed him by 30lbs. Rashad Evans is fighting Chuck next for gods sake and Bisping could have easily shaded that decision. He lost the Hamill fight but he was obviously not prepared he was so hopped up on adrenaline he completely forgot about winning the fight. People think its an advantage fighting in the Uk but it just means he’s under loads of pressure to put on a performance.

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  • matt says:

    MMA mania is reporting this is gonna be free on Spike TV.

    I’m really excited for this now.

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  • Angry Frank says:

    a steady diet of strippers and poi will always defeat a diets of bangers and mash!!!!

    Leben at 4:41 of round 1 TKO

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  • FalseCrack says:

    Leben is gonna KO Bisping, or it goes the distance and either fighter could win. No Way Bisping will ‘dismantle’ Leben, that must be a joke or you’re on crack. But enough talk, watch Leben put the stamp on Bisping, Oct. 18 on Spike TV (its free baby!)

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  • the fuckin man says:

    yea cos leben totally ko starnes ha ha leben is a wanna be ginger spaz and he is getting tkod in round 2 so what hamil got robbed so did bisping when he fought rashad so were even stop making out like its all corrupt in england when its yr dum judges and if u dont like it as main event dont watch it problem solved.the crippler is just going to be cripple after ufc 89 u get me

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