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Rampage says Forrest is “too smart for his own good”


“I know he’s gonna be game, but I also see a guy that’s gonna come in a little bit busted up and overtrained. He’s gonna try to get a gameplan that will tire me out, but I see him tiring himself out trying to tire me out. People assume for some strange reason that I don’t have cardio so they try to tire me out. So I see a guy who’s pretty smart, but too smart for his own good.”

Forrest has admittedly said that he thought cardio would be one of Rampage’s weaknesses and was surprised at how well he held up going five rounds against Dan Henderson in September. Rampage is going to be extremely tough for Forrest to beat. The only advantage that Forrest has is in the size department. Quinton’s takedowns are better, his wrestling’s better, his combinations are more technical, he has ridiculous power in his hands, and he has proven that he can go five hard rounds against one of the best MMA fighters in the world in Dan Henderson.

Forrest better have one hell of a gameplan to beat him. With Randy Couture in his corner, he most definitely will have a good gameplan, but I somehow doubt it will be good enough to overcome all of Jackson’s advantages.

  • MMAFan says:

    Apparently, according to one report on the internet, Randy Couture has picked Forrest Griffin to win this match, as has Forrest’s coach, Tim Credeur.
    On the other hand, Juanito Ibarra said that he would retire from the sport if Forrest beats Rampage Jackson. Have we ever seen a member of a fighter’s camp not predict a win for his own fighter on any UFC Coundown show? I think these promotional programs could avoid biased opinions if expert analysts with no attachment to either fighter’s camp were called upon to predict an outcome. As history has proven, an MMA upset can occur on any given night, but in this case I have to agree with Adam Morgan. That being said, I think that Randy’s Picks wll suffer a decline in accuracy, Tim’s “excited as Christmas” feeling will be deflated, and Juanito is secure in not having to seek alternate employment as Danny DeVito’s stunt double.

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  • Ross says:

    Its funny, I have the same “misconception” that Rampages weakness is his cardio. I wonder why alot of people have that impression, when I think about it I dont recall him gassing. Are we just trying to find a weakness when there isnt one?

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  • ttt says:

    Rampage’s weakness is Chute Boxe

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  • Bad Monkey says:

    The bottom line is that any/all predictions mean jack shit. Two guys are going to get in the cage and one is going to win, and no matter what the so-called ‘experts’ say it’s going to go down.

    Also, being semi-intelligent myself, I’ve never come across a scenario where you can be ‘too smart’ for your own good. I’ve known plenty of people that were way too dumb for their own good, but never too smart.

    War Forrest!!!!!

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  • maddog says:

    Forrest needs to be a bigger, stronger, more intense, henderson/rua (shogun&ninja) mix. I have heard that is what couture has told him to do.

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  • jamo says:

    i think the cardio thing comes from people questioning rampages partying?? since he won the belt a few people have said he is living the champions lifestyle?? cant say i blame him like…lol

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  • BigTop says:


    hahahhaha :) classic!

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