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Affliction reacts to UFC’s opposing show

After Affliction put together its mega-card for July 19th, UFC decided that Affliction could not have the night all to themselves. A few weeks ago, the UFC put up counter programming featuring one of the world’s best fighters in Anderson Silva. What does Affliction management think about this?

I think it’s flattering. It means they are paying attention to us,” said Affliction VP Tom Atencio, “It means we are a threat to them. I think people will tape (the UFC) and watch ours.”

That may be what Affliction is saying publicly, but I am sure that behind closed doors they are none too happy. The opposing show will definitely hurt the overall pay-per-views in the short term. However, as we saw back in the late 1990’s with the pro wrestling Monday Night wars, having competing shows can actually increase overall viewership in the long run. Plus, the real winners will be the fans as both companies will be forced to put on the best possible shows all the time to keep people tuned to their program and not the competition.

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