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Arkansas MMA fans receive quite the surprise

250px-borat.jpgThe Fort Smith Convention Center in Arkansas signed a promotional contract with a group to put on several mixed martial arts bouts at its venue in June. It appears that convention officials and local MMA fans may have gotten a little more than they bargained for.

According to a new report just published by the Association Press, it looks like someone may have pulled a fast one on the convention center officials.

On June 6, a promotion billing itself as “Blue Collar Brawlin‘” was contracted to put on “cage fighting,” according to the article. A comedy spot was put into the program where someone using the identity of “Straight Dave” would get into an altercation with a planted fan in the stands. The two would then have a staged confrontation in the cage where they would rip each other’s clothes off and share a brief romantic embrace.

Apparently though the two actors went above and beyond the call of duty and as the article states, the two “went right up to the line of the city’s morality laws.” The reports indicate that there was a lot of nudity, kissing, and some heavy petting.

Turns out there were 1,600 fans in attendance in addition to real fighters who were signed to fight on the show. The crowd reportedly became livid and a sea of people began hurling their beers towards the cage. It reportedly took approximately 45 minutes to disperse the angry mob.

After reading the article, it doesn’t appear that people know for sure what happened. However, it’s looking like Sacha Baron Cohen, the man behind HBO’s “Da Ali G” show, as well as the major motion picture “Borat,” was behind the prank.

One of the lesser known characters that Baron Cohen portrays on his show is that of a openly homosexual entertainment reporter named “Bruno.” Baron Cohen has reportedly been all over the place in recent months filming for a feature film in which the “Bruno” character will be starring.

It looks like Arkansas MMA fans will be front and center in the upcoming release, which has a working title of “Untiled Bruno Project,” according to, and is tentatively slated to be released sometime in 2009.

If you were in attendance at this event and have pictures and or video, we’d love it if you could forward copies of what went down to us at: SCaplan8 at comcast dot net.

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