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Karo Parisyan: “I’ve been too talented to train”


Sometimes it’s really amazing what comes out of Karo Parisyan’s mouth but this time it’s the honest truth. Karo is a great fighter with lots of heart, unbelievable Judo, a great trash talking game to hype a fight, and the natural talent to be one of the best fighters in the world. But he’s never been in phenomenal shape going into a fight. He always looks chubby and pasty and it almost always looks like the fighter across the cage from him is in better shape. Now Karo’s finally come out and said it himself. From

But at this point I want to make an example of Yoshida and everyone else who’s going to stand in front of me until I can get my title shot and get my title. Eventually it will happen I just gotta take the fight game very serious. My worst enemy has always been that I’ve been too talented to train, and now it’s catching up with me. I gotta start training or those guys will start catching up with me.

Note to Karo: Those guys have already started catching up to you. Thiago Alves was one of them and it may be too little, too late for Parisyan to get back to the top of the welterweight ladder. If he’s just now realizing that even though he has that natural ability but has to train to achieve elite status then his time may have passed him by. He was at the top once and got injured. He worked his way back to the top again and got beat by Alves and got bumped back down a notch. Is Parisyan a gatekeeper at 170 lbs.? Maybe, maybe not.

A win against Yoshiyuki Yoshida would surely do him some good in getting some confidence back and making his way back to the top. But if the same Karo Parisyan that showed up against Thiago Alves shows up against Yoshida then he will most certainly have his hands full and then some. Yoshida is not a fighter that Parisyan can take lightly and is one of the better international talents that the UFC has signed in recent months. Talent alone can only get you so far in this sport. Parisyan has reached that peak. If he can take it to that next level, the welterweight division should be on watch.

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