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Would Affliction be the home of Fedor vs. Couture?


Based on the amount of money Affliction appears willing to pay to crack into the MMA market, they appear a possible destination for the superfight if (when) it finally comes to pass.When questioned about hosting the possible Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko match-up, VP of Affliction Tom Atencio answered positively.

Yes, that’s the fight everyone wants to see,” said Atencio, “That’s the dream fight. Randy doesn’t want to fight anyone else. “

Of course, every organization would like to put on the fight, but there are two things that give Affliction the potential advantage: 1) they are willing to shell out the money and 2) Couture has appeared in Affliction commercials in the past.

We have a great relationship with Randy,” said Atencio.

However, Atencio set the record straight that he has not tampered with anything that Couture is going through with the UFC.

Due to his legal problems, I have not spoken with Randy in any way.”

An interesting note is that if Affliction gets the bout, the match-up would be fought in the ring. That would seem to favor Emelianenko.

More importantly though, let’s hope Couture gets the legal problems worked out so that the fight can finally happen.

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