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Tim Sylvia – the boxer?

One of the more unusual things I recently heard was from Tim Sylvia. Sylvia claimed that he would be an outstanding boxer – basically better than anyone else.

I’ll fight any heavyweight boxer in the world. Twelve rounds and I’d beat him,” said Sylvia.

Not only did Sylvia express how good he was, but he also put out an open call to all boxing promoters.

I’d love to be approached about a fight with a top heavyweight because I’d go out there and win.”

I wonder why the recent trend of former UFC heavyweight champions wanting to get involved with boxing. First, it was Andrei Arlovski and now Sylvia. Based on size and speed alone, I would think that Arlovski would make a better boxer though. It will be hard for Sylvia to push a boxer up against the ropes and hold them there since… um… holding isn’t allowed in boxing.

Sylvia does have good hands, but I don’t think he belongs anywhere near the same ring as consensus top heavyweight Wladmir Klitschko. Although by the same reasoning, Klitschko doesn’t belong anywhere near the same cage as Sylvia.

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