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Frankie Edgar talks cutting weight, staying at 155 lbs.

There has been plenty of talk since Frankie Edgar’s loss to Gray Maynard at UFC Fight Night 13 that Edgar may be too small for 155 lbs. When we interviewed Edgar after that bout he said that he intended on staying at 155 and was looking to actually put on some weight to make him a little bit stronger and give him more size. Edgar has been blogging for USA Today leading up to his fight against Hermes Franca at UFC 87 on August 9 and he’s sticking to that plan according to his latest entry:

When I say I’ve been maintaining my weight, I’ve been heavier than I’ve ever been. I’ve been able to stay around 165 pounds during this whole training camp, and I haven’t dipped into 150s, which has been good for me, because I’ve been able to keep my size and strength up.

Cutting weight can be detrimental, so I’m on the fence about it. That’s why I’m trying to chip away and get a little bit bigger, a little bit more size and keep some strength as I go on. Hopefully after this fight, I can gain a little more size and by the time all is said and done, I’ll be a perfect 155.

But Edgar is in no way ruling out a move to 145 lbs. if need be:

Right now, I’m not thinking about fighting in a lower weight division. I’ve been fighting at 155 my whole career so I’m pretty comfortable there. But you never know what the future holds — I can make the weight at 145 pounds. When I wrestled in college, I usually weighed about 155 and cut to 141.

It was pretty clear in the fight with Maynard that one of the main reasons that Edgar lost was due to his lack of size and strength against the much larger Maynard. Maynard eventually was able to push the pace and throw Edgar around like a rag doll for much of the last two rounds. In my heart of hearts I truly believe that the best place for Edgar is at 145 lbs. but who am I to talk?

Edgar is 8-1 at the 155 lbs. weight class with wins over the likes of Tyson Griffin, Jim Miller, and Spencer Fisher. If he can keep some size and strength and still compete with the big boys at 155 then more power to him. That makes his victories that much more impressive.

  • Noah says:

    I don’t know if I would liken the last two rounds of the fight to Edgar getting tossed around like a ragdoll. It was a competitive fight, albeit not an excellent one IMO, but I do agree that size was absolutely the factor that cost him the fight.

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  • Daniel says:

    Maybe he lost his fight against Maynard because Gray fought better than he is.

    Weight (when discussing the differences of two adjacent weightclasses) is such a ridiculously small difference compared to all the work fighters put into technique, gameplan, and preparation and you guys may think it’s nice to say “oh he’s just too small for his weight class” to offer a third party excuse as to why someone lost a fight but you’re just insulting the winner of the fight.

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  • Levi M says:

    He got taken down…with all the size and strength that you say Grey had, you would think he would have caused some sort of damage! All it did was frustrate Edgar, not damage him. Maynard did enough to win the fight, nice wrestling match to Maynard!

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  • Patrick says:

    I’d like to see Edgar/Faber… but to be honest I wanna see any “game” opponent and Faber because Faber isn’t being given a whole lotta competition lately (other than the Pulver fight, but honestly… that fight just showed how great Faber is but also really how big Pulver’s heart is, Pulver is the definition of never give up).

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  • THORAZINE says:

    I have to disagree with #2 Daniel, a great fighter can be competitive in 2 adjacent weight classes but has an optimal fighting weight class. In a pure standup war, size may not make as much difference, but on the ground it makes a lot of difference, i speak from experience as a former wrestler. Edgar got man handled by Maynard and the strength and size difference was obvious, 145 lbs would be best suited for him, unless he does gain some muscle… I think a fight between Faber n’ Edgar would gain much attention

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  • Revjames13 says:

    Edgar would be a great match up for Faber, but it would kind of be a demotion for him to go from the UFC to the WEC. It’s a great home for Faber because he’s their poster boy and a natural 145. Edgar could make the weight, but it would be an absolute must win for him, because he’s done a lot of legwork at 155 in the UFC, where he was one fight from a possible title shot.

    If he beats Franca he’s right back in the mix, if not, a big push for a shot at Faber isn’t that bad an idea, he would just have to start over and get a couple of wins there before he could make a good case for himself.

    If he wins the Franca fight (or even if he loses a close decision) I’d like to see him fight Nate Diaz.

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  • THORAZINE says:

    #6Revjames13, I see what your saying as “kind of be a domotion for him”… but I also think it could bring a lot of positive attention to him and the WEC. I think if Edgar makes the move to the WEC, he could get 1 fight (like Pulver) and if he wins, he could move on to a championship bout. ZUFFA owns both companies so it’s not really like he would have to prove himself all over again. Wins at 155 in the UFC especially over Tyson Griffin who beat Faber, should be enough proof Edgar deserves a title shot at 145lbs in the UFC. Afterall the more Edgar fights, the more chance he could lose and the less chance a $$$ money maker WEC championship bout will happen. White is about $$$ and putting on exciting fights!

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