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Leonard Garcia cleared of federal drug charges

l_332ec1c9e59f58ac2e67e66f0a3822e4.jpgJust a little over a week ago, WEC featherweight Leonard Garcia posted on his MySpace account that he had been cleared of all federal drug charges stemming from an arrest related to a drug ring in El Paso, Texas. It seems that Sherdog has now verified Garcia’s claims that all federal drug charges have been dropped:

Garcia, however, was cleared of all federal charges last week. Released on a recognizance bond in April, he spent two months under house arrest. A possible state charge for obstruction of justice still hangs over his head, though it would net him only probation if he were convicted.

“My attorney called me and told me [federal prosecutors] didn’t feel like it was something they wanted to take to trial,” said Garcia, who claims his entire ordeal was a matter of guilt by association. “The federal guys looked at the case and determined they didn’t have enough evidence.”

The report goes on to state that Garcia has missed out on over two months’ worth of training but has been welcomed back to Greg Jackson’s Submission Fighting camp in Albequerque, New Mexico. Garcia still faces state charges but as stated above, a conviction would only mean a probation sentence for the 28 year old.

This is great news for Garcia as he had just recorded a vicious upset knockout victory over Japanese sensation Hiroyuki Takaya at WEC 32 in February and was on his way to making a name for himself in the 145 lbs. division.

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