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Video: Vai Sikahema destroying Jose Canseco during celebrity boxing match

Yes, I know it’s not MMA, but it is combat sports-related and something that I feel some feel are interested in. But this weekend, former standout NFL kick returner and current Philadelphia television sports anchor Vai Sikahema totally thrashed former baseball player Jose Canseco.

I consider Canseco to be one of the most despicable people in professional sports, so I thoroughly enjoyed the video. I’ve never met Sikahema, but I’d like to buy the guy a beer for getting in the ring with a guy that was nearly 50 pounds heavier than him and possibly on performance enhancers for the fight.

Canseco has said in the past he wanted to get involved with MMA. He was also attached to the Mark Burnett/EliteXC celebrity MMA television project that never got off the ground and appears to be dead at this point. Hopefully being embarrassed in such a high-profile way will encourage Canseco to keep the words “MMA” out of his damn mouth.

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