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Does Jesse Taylor deserve another chance?

Jesse Taylor was kicked off the Ultimate Fighter right before he had a chance to fight Amir Sadollah for the season 7 championship. Since getting kicked off the TV show, Taylor missed a grand total of two UFC shows.

Now, Taylor is getting a chance to redeem himself Saturday night as he takes on C.B. Dalloway. Is it too soon? Has Taylor really served a true suspension? Has he changed his ways? Yes, yes, and yes.

Taylor didn’t injure someone, and Taylor didn’t go to jail.  What Taylor did was something 99% of adult Americans have done – he got drunk and acted stupid. However, what Taylor did next is something most people wouldn’t do and is the reason he deserves a chance in the UFC.

 Right after (Taylor) got off the show, he went into AA,” said Dana White.

That doesn’t mean Taylor won’t mess up again. Many people that have entered treatment programs certainly have, but Taylor took the initiative to identify a problem and fix it. He should be commended for that. Sure, his main motivation was to get back to the UFC, but there is nothing wrong with that at all.

In the current media world where news travels fast and bad news travels even faster, this is a story that deserved more coverage. People were quick to bury Taylor after he acted like an immature clown on national TV, but people should be quick to applaud him when he does the right thing.

Positive reinforcement is a very powerful motivation. Hopefully, Taylor makes the most of it.

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