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Referee Dan Miragliotta injured during Baroni/Villasenor; required shoulder surgery

Down at BattleCageXtreme 5 last weekend in Atlantic City, N.J. we ran into the head MMA referee for the NJSACB, Dan Miragliotta. The massive ref (6-4, 296) had his left arm in a sling, recovering from a recent shoulder surgery. Miragliotta injured his left shoulder at the end of the Phil Baroni/Joey Villasenor fight at the debut CBS Saturday Nights Fights event on May 31. He told 5 Oz of Pain that as he separated the two fighters, he grabbed the cage for balance and then got shoved, wrenching his left shoulder.

Miragliotta was all smiles throughout, as friends, fans and fighters kept coming up to him asking how his arm was doing. He should be back in action in several weeks.


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