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Quinton Jackson Update (UPDATED)

Update: I incorrectly read a report on MMA Weekly never stated that they were told by the Costa Mesa Police Department that Quinton Jackson had been declared medically UNFIT for booking. They were told that when Jackson arrived for booking, he was declared medically FIT. MMA Weekly asked the CMPD about the reports that Jackson had been hospitalized and asked whether Jackson had to be hospitalized in order to be declared fit. The CMPD told MMA Weekly that such information is not released to the public. We apologize to MMA Weekly for the error in our reporting. was able to speak with a source not affiliated with the CMPD but that is still familiar with their booking practices. The source indicated that if a suspect is declared medically unfit to be booked, they are almost always taken to Western Medical in Anaheim, Calif. for an evaluation. The source indicated that the evaluation in many ways is routine and conducted as a legal precaution (law enforcement officials can be held accountable for the condition of suspects while in police custody). If there is nothing seriously wrong with a suspect, the source indicated that the process can take anywhere from 45-60 minutes and that there is usually a quick turn around because the hospital is minutes away from the Orange County Jail.

We contacted Western Medical and spoke to several sources within the hospital’s administration. We were informed that any information pertaining to a patient could only be released to a member of the patient’s immediate family. Out of all the major hospitals in the Orange County area that we contacted, Western Medical was the only one unwilling to confirm or deny whether Jackson had been admitted.

We also contacted the UFC for a comment earlier this afternoon. The UFC responded and indicated that no official statement by the promotion was available at this time. They stated that all media requests for the time being were being referred to the Costa Mesa Police Department.

We also once again contacted Jackson’s manager, Juanito Ibarra, in hopes of getting Jackson’s side of the story as well an update on his condition. A representative of Ibarra’s indicated that he could not talk about Jackson’s situation at the present time.

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