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James Irvin: “I’ll take his 30 to land my 10″

James Irvin sure is confident about his chances going into the fight with Anderson Silva on Saturday at UFC Fight Night 14 and who can blame him? He’s got nothing to lose, everything to gain, and he is a solid striker with good power, so why not be confident. But this might be pushing it. From Sherdog:

“There’s no way he’s coming to take me down. I fully expect him coming to punch and kick me. He’s coming to make a point,” Irvin said. “My striking is much more refined. If I’ve gotta take three strikes to one, then I’ll take his 30 to land my 10.”

All I know is, Anderson Silva is extremely technical with his strikes, deadly accurate, and has very deceiving power. If Irvin gets caught with thirty clean punches from Silva, chances are that he’s more than likely going to be lights out on the floor. I don’t know if Irvin missed math class, but thirty punches to ten punches is a terrible ratio for him, especially against a striker like Silva.

I think Silva’s shown us on more than one occasion that his power is just scary, especially for someone who doesn’t look powerful. He’s devastated guys with great chins like Chris Leben and Dan Henderson and I expect him to do the same to Irvin. Props to Irvin for taking the fight on six weeks’ notice and stepping up to face the most dangerous man on the planet right now. The line to fight Anderson Silva is extremely short and to not only step up and fight him, but to fight him on short notice is ballsy. But underestimating Silva’s power, as we’ve seen in the past, is a terrible mistake.

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