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James Irvin: “I’ll take his 30 to land my 10″

James Irvin sure is confident about his chances going into the fight with Anderson Silva on Saturday at UFC Fight Night 14 and who can blame him? He’s got nothing to lose, everything to gain, and he is a solid striker with good power, so why not be confident. But this might be pushing it. From Sherdog:

“There’s no way he’s coming to take me down. I fully expect him coming to punch and kick me. He’s coming to make a point,” Irvin said. “My striking is much more refined. If I’ve gotta take three strikes to one, then I’ll take his 30 to land my 10.”

All I know is, Anderson Silva is extremely technical with his strikes, deadly accurate, and has very deceiving power. If Irvin gets caught with thirty clean punches from Silva, chances are that he’s more than likely going to be lights out on the floor. I don’t know if Irvin missed math class, but thirty punches to ten punches is a terrible ratio for him, especially against a striker like Silva.

I think Silva’s shown us on more than one occasion that his power is just scary, especially for someone who doesn’t look powerful. He’s devastated guys with great chins like Chris Leben and Dan Henderson and I expect him to do the same to Irvin. Props to Irvin for taking the fight on six weeks’ notice and stepping up to face the most dangerous man on the planet right now. The line to fight Anderson Silva is extremely short and to not only step up and fight him, but to fight him on short notice is ballsy. But underestimating Silva’s power, as we’ve seen in the past, is a terrible mistake.

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  • Bad Monkey says:

    Irvin may be a little over confident with what he’s saying, but I can understand needing to really psych yourself up to fight someone like Anderson Silva. You come into a fight with him with any real doubt and you’re already beaten.

    Regardless of the outcome, this should be a very entertaining fight, and that’s what it’s all about: Give the fans a good show, and these guys will.

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  • -chris says:

    I think ‘ol Irvin needs to lay off the crack for a little while. Spider will destroy this man on Saturday night.

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  • Sam Cupitt says:

    All I have to say is I hope Irvin’s one shot is good enough because I definitley don’t trust his chin to take 3 shots from the Spider and still be in tact.

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  • matt says:

    The only way I see Irvin winning is with that superman punch or flying knee. That’s about it. He honks as a wrestler and while I think Anderson will end this quickly on the feet, he has enough takedowns to finish this on the ground. Irvin has a flying knee and superman punch.

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  • Davey D says:

    I think James missed the part about 30 > 10. He must really, really think that 10 of his punches are better than 30 of Anderson’s. Ok James!

    I’ve seen a few of his his interview’s lately and he’s really pysched up for this bout. You can’t really blame him either. If saying things like this helps him than great. Props to both fighter’s for taking this bout. I think it will be a good one to say the least.

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  • mike wolfe says:

    If Irvin believes he can strike with Silva and closes with him, the fight won’t last too long. Silva needs to land just one knee to damage Irvin beyond recovery. Silva’s proved that several times.

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  • darkmetal says:

    Sam, great take on the matchup.
    I think Irvin is overstating any edge he has in standup. Personally I think Silva is the better striker, although this is a no-brainer. Striking accuracy is a big part of the game, and “the spider” is possibly the best in MMA right now, with Machida very close in the mix.
    Irvin always has the chance to plant a bomb, but it will be pretty hard to pull off against Anderson.
    I think Silva takes this one, obviously.

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  • ACK! says:

    Basically he thinks his punches are more than three times more powerful than Silva’s?

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  • doubleA-ron says:

    Yeah! and who says this guy isn’t talking dog doo? now we know for sure and I have not heard one negative comment come out of the champion spider yet and that is world class to me. I seen Anderson Silva fight Franklin in Cinci. and I was actually against the guy and so was 20,000+ there at the arena, but the respect that he showed Franklin after the fight in his interview changed the whole crowd’s boos to cheers. To me what makes a world class athlete in mma is not only their fighting ability, but also their ability to respect their opponent as well. Hats off to Silva! I see Irvin throwing his superman punch and finding out silva has kriptonite in his Man I want this Irvin to go down so f-ing baddd!

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  • Rich S. says:

    unlike alot of people, i’m giving Irvin a chance..
    but he needs to realize.. taking 30 from A.Silva means it won’t even be physically possible for you to give ten back , not then, and not in the following weeks.. that’s the carnage that 30 strikes from Spider inflicts..

    I’ve always thought, ever since Spider beat Ace the 2nd time [and beating Hendo sealed the deal for me] that the only way he’ll lose, is to someone that’s not even worthy of facing him [i.e. James Irvin, who is practically only on a 1 fight win streak seeing as how the win before last was only because he got beasted by a knee to the face on the ground].

    i tell my friends “his first loss in the UFC will come by complete KO, from someone who shouldn’t even be in the same ring with him” or “He’ll lose by KO to someone that doesn’t even strike, like a sub’ist”

    i mean, the guy’s never been KO’d before, but you can mark my words..

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