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Fedor & Silva: 97 seconds is all they needed

Fedor Emelianenko and Anderson Silva only needed a combined total of 97 seconds (1 min, 37 secs) to destroy their respective opponents last night.

Fedor quickly closed the gap, dropping Tim Sylvia with compact power shots, then sunk in a neck crank/rear naked choke – all in 36 seconds of the opening bell. Sylvia did not fire off one offensive strike.

Anderson “Spider” Silva dropped James Irvin with a surgically precise straight right that landed squarely in the center of Irvin’s face. Catching an Irvin right kick, Spider had a huge target b/c Irvin didn’t cover up. As the Sandman threw a right hook (hopping on one leg), Silva snapped a right that results in a beautiful mid-air KO.  The clock ticked to 1:01 of Rd 1 when this was over.

All the build up, all the smack talk all the programming and counter-programming, scheduling and rescheduling, all for 97 seconds of actual combat.

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