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Pros and Cons: The Busy Weekend

PRO: Fedor Emelianenko. Do people forget he’s like 30 or 31 years old, younger than Anderson Silva, and still in the prime of his career? One day I will go back and look for the names of everyone that predicted Sylvia in a first round TKO. I know it’s easy to predict an upset and then never mention it again unless that person wins and you take full credit. At the same time, Sylvia was the easiest top 10 matchup for Fedor. I had also forgotten how Fedor and Cro Cop are the top two guys I’ve ever seen at throwing punches that made me feel pain at home. Maybe it’s the microphones in the PRIDE/DREAM ring or maybe it’s not, but their punches look more painful than anyone I’ve ever seen. Fedor is going to lose eventually (and not to Couture) but give him a couple of years until he’s out of his prime. It has nothing to do with strength of opponents.

PRO: Matt Lindland’s Oregon House run. Nice cowboy hat by the way. Or go to the why he’s running page and see his lovely blame game and why his positions are as boring as his fighting. Don’t get me wrong Matt, I know you probably didn’t write a word on your site and while your family is lovely. I just don’t know where Oregon’s 52nd district is and like nearly everyone reading this I went, “Oregon has 52 districts?” Good luck. Just don’t wear the wrong t-shirt to the Oregon House.

CON: Mike Whitehead’s thighs. Mike, I’m not sure who told you that you could pull off the Muay Thai shorts in your fight with Babalu but they were way off. Melvin Manhoef can pull them off, you just look like a chunky white guy who feels as though I should see his pasty thighs. Please don’t ever do that again.

CON: Buffer card tossing. I didn’t write down which card this was from but I’ll just assume it was Michael on the Affliction card. On the intros you saw Buffer holding his blue cards and after reading one he tossed it behind him like litter only for the refreree to pick up like it was his job. The refs are not your garbage men. I don’t know how the Buffers took complete control of the MMA announce game but do realize the refs are not there as people out on parole to pick up your trash on the highway. Just put the first card in the back like the rest of us do when we give a presentation. The both of you are jackasses.

CON: Referee introductions. I’m getting a little tired of the fighter, fighter, ref intros in MMA fights. I know in combat sports we always mention the referee in charge but I’m a little tired of Mario Yamasaki getting the last intro after the main event fighters. As with all sports I shouldn’t know who the referee is unless that person did a horrific job. I’m not there to see the refs and I don’t care who they are. If you’re going to go on with this atleast announce who the refs are prior to the live card so I can pick my fights accordingly based on their previous horrible calls. If you’re not going to do that spare me the time of introducing the official like he’s one of the fighters.

PRO: Donald Trump, Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson all sitting together. Is that not the creepiest threesome in history? Bad hair, big head and …. I don’t even know what Jenna Jameson is anymore. I’d like to sit with those three for some type of MMA event. I’ll add that to my “things to do before I die” list along with (a) play a round of golf at St. Andrews, (b) visit Tokyo, (c) sleep with 18-year-old Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and (d) recognize someone on America’s Most Wanted. It would be as much fun as hiding behind my bathroom door and yelling my dog’s name only to watch him run back and forth looking for me. My life is very simple.

CON: Affliction’s audio. I know I’m not the only person to get the first part of the broadcast either on mute or in Spanish. I don’t know anything about television broadcasting, I’m a poorly educated blogger, but I do know major cards don’t have their events streamed in Spanish to the buying public. Video and audio are the two top problems you need to tackle…. just ask Rio Heroes.

CON: Deer. Yes, deer. I walked my dog last night and as we went out on my porch there was a deer standing on my driveway. Now as I assume most of you are thinking, “I can take a deer.” Yeah, that makes sense until you see a deer. I looked at the deer, the deer looked at me, the deer looked at my dog, my dog looked at the deer. Suddenly we’re in this strange threeway glancefest wondering who will run away first. It was the deer, yet I’m here thinking I’m going to have to fight a deer to save my dog. But coming into this event I was fairly certain I could take a deer…. after having seen a deer up close I’m not very confident. It’s easy to think of a deer as a nice, tranquil creature. They’re not, they’re very large and scary, especially when you’re not in your car missing them by a foot on a rural highway. My point? You can’t beat up a deer. They’re much scarier than they may seem as you drive by them. Just another fun life fact from me to put in your memory bank.

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