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Silva’s manager says GSP not deserving of fight against Anderson

Anderson Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, was recently a guest on ProMMA Radio and had the following to say regarding a dream fight against Georges St. Pierre:

“That’s sound great, I think GSP is an incredible fighter. But I think GSP needs to prove himself. He still hasn’t had a successful title defense (at 170 lbs.). I don’t really feel that he deserves (a Silva fight) yet. Go defend your title a few times and then we’ll talk.”

Oh, give me a break. St. Pierre has only dominated the best welterweight champion the UFC has ever seen, Matt Hughes, not once but twice. He has a resume of wins that speaks for itself. Just because the guy hasn’t successfully defended his title yet doesn’t mean that he’s not deserving of a fight against Anderson Silva. The fact of the matter is, Anderson Silva has been cleaning out the worst division in all of MMA while St. Pierre has been fighting and dominating in the toughest weight division in all of MMA. Not that I don’t think Silva is on St. Pierre’s level, he most certainly is, but to say that he’s not worthy of a fight against Silva is just downright silly.

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