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Babalu against Ortiz?

One of the more interesting comments to come from the recent Affliction show was from Renato “Babalu” Sobral. Babalu made it very clear who he wants to fight next.

I told Tom Atencio who the one guy I want him to sign is,” said Sobral, “Tito Ortiz is my dream fight.”

A potential Sobral vs. Ortiz would be a big one for Affliction – mainly because it would mean they have Ortiz under contract. It would also have a lot of appeal to the casual fan because Babalu is a name most people are familiar with from his fights with Chuck Liddell. Affliction could position the winner as its first light heavyweight champion.

I did recently ask Atencio if he had spoken with Ortiz, and he said that he has not had any contact with Ortiz because he still has some contract issues with the UFC (possibly pertaining to the use of the UFC belt for Tito Ortiz’s book?).

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