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Report: ZUFFA buys International Fight League

The Fight Network has the scoop:

The long speculated moratorium of the International Fight League now has a date. According to IFL senior vice president of communications Joe Favorito, the team-based MMA promotion will turn out the lights July 31 as its assets are sold to a yet-to-be-named buyer, confirmed today by several anonymous sources as the UFC ownership group Zuffa LLC.

“As of July 31 my role at the IFL will be no more as the company goes into its final stage of being sold and/or closed down,” Favorito stated via email.

This would make a lot of sense seeing as how the UFC has signed a handful of the IFL’s more talented fighters in recent weeks such as Rory Markham, Brad Blackburn, Jim and Dan Miller, and Andre Gusmao. I’m sure we can expect to see even more IFL talent roll into the UFC now. Guys like Jay Hieron, Chris Horodecki, and Wagnney Fabiano, to name a few, are all people that fans would love to see in the UFC. It also makes sense because on Monday, the IFL’s stock skyrocketed. They also showed a lot of IFL footage during the UFC Fight Night 14 show as well as the UFC Countdown: Silva vs. Irvin buildup show.

It’s a sad day for the IFL, but we all knew the end was drawing nearer day by day. They put on a good product, but came out of the gates all wrong and by the time they realized that drastic changes needed to be made it was too little, too late. They tried to treat the sport like a sport and not a spectacle and that’s to be commended. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, at least not yet. One thing I can say, however, is that I won’t lose sleep over never being able to see the hexagon shaped ring in action.

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