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UFC 87 Video: Heath Herring prepares for Brock Lesnar

  • Why dies anybody care about this fight, Herring is going to dominate Lesnar. He has competed many times at this level, Lesnar was shoved into a situation that is very difficult. It is unfortunate that Lesnar has to do this in front of college wrestling fans back in the Twin Cities. At least the rest of the card is solid, might be worth PPV $???

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  • Kelvin says:

    I’m not so sure he will dominate Lesnar…hopefully his take down defense has improved.

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  • Matt C. says:

    Actually, I think Lesnar is going to steam roll over Herring. Without his bjj skillz, Mir would have had no shot over Lesnar. We witnessed that. Herring’s standup might be slightly better than Mir, but his takedown defense is not good enough to stop Lesnar. Remember what happened to Herring when he fought another top notch wrestler, Jake O’Brien? He was held down the entire time.

    Herring has Decision wins over his last few opponents. There is no shot this fight is ending in a decision.

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  • Derek B says:

    I think Herring needs to keep distance and use his leg kicks to break down lesnar.

    I see Lesnar winning this fight and then having him fight Kongo.

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  • Guy Gaduois says:

    They should put the gym on wheels and have Heath push it around Vegas. Good to see he’s got big guys rolling with him – Brock surprised me with his quicks against Mir – that’s a lot of dude coming at you, red-faced and ready to rumble. Mir’s exceptional Jits PLUS keeping his cool and not getting panicky when it was raining Lesnar all over his head is what secured Mir’s opportunity and execution of the sub. Herring has to keep his cool and his feet and be prepared to have Lesnar land on him. Dig into all that experience and not get rattled, weather a storm or two and get Brock’s attention with some great strikes.
    Doesn’t sound like Herring’s m.o. the last few. Could be an ugly fight.

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  • jaydog says:

    Herring is not the game opponent that we saw in Pride. He’s gone from lean and lanky, with fast scrambles and sloppy but exciting standup to a thicker, slower, easily exasperated brawler. Why? I don’t know. It might be enough for him to teach a lesson or two to Lesnar, but all it will take is a lazy Herring misstep and Lesnar will be holding Herring down and raining down jackhammer shots. For Herring’s benefit (and the fans), I hope this one gets out of the first round.

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  • MMA SKOOL™ says:

    Looks like Herring is finally close to the shape he was in Pride. As Jaydog suggested, he’s been out of shape ever since coming to the UFC.

    This will be an interesting fight. It will probably go to a decision, since Herring has enough scrambling defense–even on the ground– to negate Lesner’s ground game… At least I don’t see him getting TKO’d by Lesner.

    At the same time Lesner is too strong to let Herring get a keylock or Kimura, and his head is probably too thick to get KO’d with a Herring punch.

    Just like against Kerr, Herring will use Lesner’s takedown attempts to try and land a knee or a kick, but risk getting taken down in the process.

    Herring will either kick Lesner in the face and end the fight, or Lesner will win a boring lay-and-pray decision.

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  • JJ Docker says:

    I honestly think we’ll see an improved Herring and a hungry Lesnar, a possible candidate for fight of the night. Herring will tool Lesnar on the feet whilst Lesnar will incessantly look for a takedown. Exciting scrambles and sloppy, slugging stand up. If it gets to the third Herring will have the gas on Lesnar; he will still be feeling those octagon jitters. But I think Lesnar could possibly finish in the 2nd or at the end of the 1st, obviously by good old brutal animal strength ground and pound. Hard to call. I reckon Herring 3rd round TKO in a war that will gain both guys respect from Dana and the fans.

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  • Funky k says:

    Lesnar will be able to take herring down pretty easily, and probably pound him out in the 1st round

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  • Zantetzuken says:

    Lesnar is going to win by TKO in round one. How can you guys be so stupid?

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  • Joey says:

    I’m not even a Lesnar fanboy but I see no way Herring wins this fight.

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  • Sykes says:

    Wow! Do you peaople actually have any idea what Lesnar is? He is a giant man with incredieble cardio. His former national heavyweight collegiate wrestling title and all-american awards should speak for his wrestling, cardio, and work ethic. Have you seen this guys work out routine? Check it out on youtube and you will be astonished. There is NO WAY Herring out works Lesnar or has more endurance!! Herring will need to pray that he lands a lucky shot. Lesnar has been working with a 7-time bjj world champ since the Mir fight, which means even if he does end up on his back for some miracle he will be able to defend himself if he needs to and stand right back up. I expect him to come in and take Herring down AT WILL. I don’t care how good of shape Herring is in, Lesnar will have 30+lbs on him by the time off the fight and Lesnar will still be faster than Herring. Brock by ground ‘n pound stoppage in the first!! 5 minutes is way to long for Herring to avoid the takedown, even if he knows it’s coming.

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  • Mike Wolfe says:

    The recent Affliction show highlighted the advantages for a striker of the ring and the disadvantages of a ring for a wrestler. In the octagon a wrestler can pin an opponent anywhere against the cage, which isn’t the case in a ring. I’d give Herring the advantage in a ring, but not in the cage. Lesnar will take him down and drop bombs. Lesnar by ko or tko first round.

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  • Jay K. says:

    Herring is no Frank Mir, but I still see him pulling this one out via submission. If this stays on the feet, Lesnar is going to pound the crap out of him. Still, I’d like to see Lesnar develop a ground game for some GnP rather than rain hammerfists wildly.

    Good luck to both, it’s unfortunate one has to lose as they’re both solid competitors to me!

    Jay K.

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  • Voridor says:

    Herring is lighter(25-30 less) and and his bad takedown defense will be a problem for him to stay on his feet. I like Lesnar and I don’t see him losing many more fights in the future as his training progresses. A fast 265 Ibs wrestler in the heavyweight division will make it more exciting. Herring should look to keep his feet moving and try to catch Lesnar with a knee during a takedown. I’m not seeing this going Herrings way at all.

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  • jeracuda says:

    I don’t think Herring stands much of a chance. There’s just really no way you can prepare yourself for a guy like Brock there are very few big men who have his size,strength,speed, and endurance, also brock can take a punch and he’s got some heavy hands of his own he could knock crazy horse out standing and then you add in the fact that he’s got a 7 time BJJ world champion helping train him and that just makes him even more dangerous.

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  • pooper says:

    Lesnar beats Herring 9 times out of 10. Its a fight so anyone can win, but Lesnar has all the tools necessary to wallop the crazy horse. Herring looked his best against Kongo, and still looked like a B-level fighter. Lesnar will hand him his arse on a plate.

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