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Lawler vs. Smith II goes H2H with Penn vs. Sherk

Just like last week to counter the Affliction show, the UFC is counter-programming against the CBS/EXC Lawler vs. Smith II event tomorrow night.

UFC 84, one of the best fight cards of the year, will air at 9pm EST on Spike.

  • Penn beats down Sherk in a classic.
  • Wandy annihilates Jardine.
  • Machida takes out Ortiz in his final UFC bout.
  • Thiago Silva and Shane Carwin both win with authority.

Note: commercials on SpikeTV are stating during the airing of UFC 84, “UFC President Dana White, will be making a Special Announcement”.  As we’ve witnessed in the past, the significance of these “big” announcements can vary widely.  Stay tuned…

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