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Video: Urijah Faber and Joseph Benavidez at DREAM.5 in Osaka

For those of you who saw DREAM.5, you might have noticed Urijah Faber carrying a camera and filming while Joseph Benavidez walked out.

I asked, and Joe and Urijah were kind enough to let me borrow the camera.

The following is a couple minutes of Joseph’s entrance, from Urijah’s point of view. I think you will agree this is some pretty sweet footage, a real “behind the scenes”.

There is PLENTY more, including a ton of pics, more video, and a clip of the crazy announcer lady goofing off and announcing Joseph as the winner backstage for the camcorder.

I just finished this first one, and will have the rest up this weekend, or early next week.

Thanks again to Joseph and Urijah for sharing the footage.

You can also listen to the both of them in studio last night (7/24) at Just go to the on-air host dropdown, and then click Carmichael Dave. The interviews are on the left.

Enjoy guys.

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