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More on Fedor Emelianenko’s pay from Affliction

There seemed to be a big to-do about Fedor Emelianenko’s official salary that was posted from the CSAC this past week. Emelianenko, on record, made a measly $300,000 for his fight against Tim Sylvia while Sylvia made a whopping $800,000. There was much speculation as to what Fedor was actually paid and now Mike Chiappetta at NBC Sports is reporting that the rest of Fedor’s money was indeed in the form of an advance signing bonus:

But a source told that Emelianenko received a sizable part of his Affliction contract up front in the form of a signing bonus, and added that Emelianenko also owns the rights to his fight footage in several European countries. That second part may not mean much right now but if Affliction chooses to hold an event in Europe, they would have to pay him for the footage.

Love or hate Fedor’s management, you have to concede that they are doing what’s in Fedor’s best interest as far as the money side of things go. Making people pay for your own fight footage as well as getting advance signing bonuses before even stepping into the ring are a couple things that are just unheard of in this sport right now. Fedor’s management team is way ahead of the curve as far as MMA goes right now. Vadim Finklestein is the Drew Rosenhaus of MMA.

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