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Report: Silva vs. Cote to headline UFC 90 in Chicago

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that the UFC has informed them that UFC 90 will be held on October 25 in Chicago at Allstate Arena and will be headlined by a middleweight title fight between current champion Anderson Silva and challenger Patrick Cote. Silva was originally supposed to face off against Yushin Okami but Okami broke his hand in training and Cote has been moved up into his spot. Patrick Cote, in comments made to the Sun-Times, is already starting the trash talk:

‘‘I’m telling all my friends to bet on me,’’ Cote said, ‘‘because they’re going to make a lot of money.’’

‘‘This guy will need 10 punches to my face to knock me out, and I’ll just need one,’’ Cote said. ‘‘I have a good chance. He won’t exchange with me, and I’m not scared of him.

‘‘He wins a lot of his fights before they start because his opponents are intimidated and scared of him. I’m not scared of anyone in my weight class, especially him.’’

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the man that Silva just annihilated, James Irvin, have something similar to say? Something about “I’ll take 30 of his punches to land 10 of my own”? A word of advice for Patrick Cote: let sleeping dogs lie, my friend. If there’s one thing in the UFC’s middleweight division that you do not want to do, it’s piss off Anderson Silva. We saw Silva pissed off at the beginning of the second round of his fight against Dan Henderson because Henderson more or less layed on him for the first round. Silva didn’t like that, and in response, he went to work on Henderson with a barrage of strikes before choking him out. I understand that Cote wants to talk a big game to put hype behind a fight that otherwise has no hype around it, but I have a feeling that he will learn a serious lesson inside the cage.

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