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Aleksander Emelianenko says late medicals were cause for absence from Affliction card

Aleksander Emelianenko, in an interview with, discussed his absence from the Affliction: Banned card two weeks ago. Translation from MMA Mania:

I passed the medical board and my license to fight was obtained without any problems. But the fact is that in California the commission is very rigid for admittance. One of the main conditions to let you fight is the ability to pass all of your tests on time. I had to be in America by July 13, the Visa was only good until the fourteenth and my tickets were purchased in advance for the fifteenth. On the whole, I was late. They thought the organizers could agree and settle the problem but they quickly found out they would not be able to get me on the card. Instead they were able to find a suitable replacement for Paul Buentello. The laws in California are so rigid.

The MMA world was afire with rumors regarding Emelianenko’s absence from the Affliction card two weeks ago, with hepatitis being the leading rumor. According to Emelianenko, those rumors are completely false. It’s not hard to believe that California denied him a license due to late medicals as they’ve done this kind of thing before. Armando Garcia doesn’t play around. If you’re late with your medicals then you aren’t fighting in California, period.

If it’s true that Emelianenko was only held off the card because of late medicals then it’s much better news than the rumor that he has hepatitis. I’d love to see him fight on U.S. soil against Affliction’s heavyweights and there would be almost no chance of him fighting if he had hepatitis. Late medicals we can work with. Hepatitis? Not so much.

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