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Carlos Condit: “I can deal with any of those guys in the UFC”

Carlos Condit, in a recent interview with Carlos Arias of the OC Register, was very candid about where he thinks he’s at in his career right now and where he thinks he can be should he reach his full potential:

“But I feel, me being the champion, I can deal with any one of those guys in the UFC and beat quite a few of them and give any of them a run for their money.”

“I want to fight anyone who is above me. I don’t put too much thought into who I’m going to fight next or anything like that. I focus on improving myself and being the best that I can be. I know that if I reach my potential, then I can beat those guys, I can beat guys like GSP, I can beat guys like (Jon) Fitch. I can fight any of these guys. When I reach my prime, it’s going to be a scary, scary thing for everybody in the welterweight division.”

I think Condit is spot on. He is one of the most underrated welterweights in the world right now. I have no doubt that some day, after he’s cleaned out the WEC’s welterweight division, he’ll make his way into the UFC. And when he does? Look out. Condit is one of these guys that doesn’t look like he’s all that but he has shown time and time again that he is tough as nails, trains extremely hard, and has the overall game to be one of the best fighters in the world. Making Brock Larson and Carlo Prater look like clown shoes is a pretty hard thing to do and Condit made it look easy.

When he makes it to the UFC I have no doubt that he will stir up the division and make a lot of noise. There are some very intriguing matchups for him there and I look forward to seeing him there sooner than later. I understand that ZUFFA is trying to build a brand with the WEC but you can only deny talent for so long and Condit has it in spades.

  • tallsforeverybody says:

    No doubt one of my favorite fighters…he is so dynamic he reminds me what a Mixed Martial Artist is supposed to look like.

    WEC has some serious class in the lighter weight divisions.

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  • Warcry says:

    Dude is quality fighter. He’s WEC quality however. There is a reason why he’s in the Wec and not in the majors like the Ufc. He couldn’t deal with GSP or Jon Fitch. The top ten in the welterweight division would eat him for lunch. Could he get there someday, sure but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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  • BG says:

    How would someone like Condit make the transition to the UFC? If he was still the champ would Zuffa just have him up and leave and go into the “big leagues”? I agree the man has the skills but I just dont understand how he could move to the UFC without hurting the WEC and having to reestablish his star power with a new audience. Any thoughts?

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  • Big Chuck says:

    Condit, WITHOUT A DOUBT, could and would handle quite of few of the UFC guys … however … i don’t think ANYONE out there can deal with GSP, at his current weight class, but it’s good to see Condit with the “required” self-confidence and attitude to “take on all comers STARTING with the best”.
    Condit is one of the few WEC guys that has TOP TIER talent, that’s why he makes his fights look so easy. Faber is another, as well as Miquel Torres.
    Stann’s game, from what he’s put on display, is not quite as well rounded, yet, however his power is definitely scary.
    Outside of those guys, i’m sure i’m overlooking a few, the WEC full of quality fighters, fighting their way, possibly, to bigger and better places … the UFC.
    I just checked their roster … add the following to the 2nd Tier list, just below those 3 guys, you have the talents of: Sonnel, Fihlo(if his head is right),
    3rd Tier … Bryan Baker, Leggett ROB-ROY, Hicks, Cerrone, Maeda, and Damacio Page.

    BryanBaker(on potential only),

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  • Nick says:

    I agree with you Adam, but one question. WHo is left in the division in the WEC for him to fight? I think he has beaten everyone of note, and done so in dominate fashion. He needs to be moved to the UFC. Its bordering on silly.

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  • marc says:

    Can somebody explain to me what the f**k the point is of having champions in LHW, MW, and WW classes in an organization that Dana says isn’t a “farm league”? They had another brand a year ago that could have gone head to head with the UFC for a “superbowl of MMA”. It was called PRIDE !! I feel bad for Condit, Filho, and Stann as the WEC isn’t as high profile and these guys probably aren’t making as much money on endorsements as they could in the UFC. Don’t get me wrong though, I love the WEC cards. I just think the UFC should use it for development purposes. Faber and Torres are awesome and would be surefire stars in the UFC..

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  • reality check says:

    I honestly don’t like Condit. Every time he walks in the ring with that look on his face it just annoys me. Don’t take this like i’m bashing him though.

    Is he skilled? yes.

    Should he move to the UFC? yes.

    To Nick: he did not beat Hiromitsu Miura in a “dominate” fashion. In fact, he almost lost in the 3rd AND 4th round due to strikes. Condit just threw a wild knee that just happened to land. hats off to him.

    Can he beat Thiago Alves? no.

    Matt Hughes (if he was still fighting)? no.

    Dong Hyun Kim? doubt it.

    Josh Koshcheck (even though i don’t like him) can also beat him.

    Quite honestly, i believe that he would be a good addition to the UFC, but he is nowhere near capable of taking GSP or anybody of the like.

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