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Root of All Evil: UFC vs Bloggers

Lewis Black’s Comedy Central show, Root of all Evil, this week featured a battle between “ultimate fighting” and bloggers. Two things which I’m personally disgusted by as an “ultimate fighting” blogger. Namely because it is not possible for me to win.

Sure they said both “ultimate fighters” and bloggers use their hands and not their brains, sure they were insulting throughout the show…. but it’s still worth watching on replay.

Sorry I keep using “ultimate fighters” in quotes as we all know anyone that uses that saying has no idea what they’re talking about as it’s like calling all football “NFL.” “Oh my son plays NFL in school.” No, he plays football. Anyone that says “ultimate fighting” obviously has no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to the sport. I still like the show and I’ve always liked the show but like everyone that discusses MMA they have a strong disconnect with anyone that knows nothing and still speaks about it.

Please catch these annoying Hollywood folks on a repeat as they only reinforce the chubby, liberal white guy point of view on the sport as they can’t fight. Am I editorializing? I’m not meaning to be political, John McCain did the same thing. Oh and thank you Jesse Taylor for reinforcing every single stereotype people could possibly have with your childish behavior on television.

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