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Lindland says UFC tried to undermine agreement with Quarry

In the book Title Shot: In to the Shark Tank of Mixed Martial Arts, former UFC middleweight competitor Matt Lindland accuses the UFC and President Dana White of attempting to circumvent his managerial relationship with then-Team Quest Oregon fighter Nate Quarry prior to his 2005 middleweight title fight vs. Rich Franklin.

While speaking with author Kelly Crigger, the book quotes Lindland as saying, “They [the UFC] went straight to Nate instead of coming through me, his manager. They thought they could make him an offer and promise a bunch of money on the back end, like I wouldn’t find out. It’s bad business. This sport isn’t big enough to get away with something like that. I mean, we all talk to each other, especially in the same camp, so what did the UFC think? That I wouldn’t find out?”

Quarry ended up losing to Franklin at UFC 56 when he was knocked out at 2:34 of round 1. During the fight, he suffered a severe neck injury that sidelined him until UFC Fight Night 11 last September.

This is not the first time such accusations have been levied against the UFC. Manager Mark Dion is currently embattled in a civil court case with former client Brandon Vera in which a chief complaint in Dion’s lawsuit is that the UFC allegedly interfered with Dion’s management contract with Vera.

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