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Zuffa seeking New Media Account Manager for Japan

Yesterday (8/4/08), Zuffa LLC posted a job opening on the digital media news website, for a “New Media Account Manager for Japan

The responsibilities for this position include:

Managing all aspects of distribution, production, operations and account management of mixed martial arts video content to Japanese based media outlets. Manage content selection and metadata creation, oversee editing, promo production, encoding, distribution and reporting of digital assets. Must be fluent in English and Japanese with excellent verbal and written communication skills in both languages. BA or BS required with a minimum of three years work experience in the field of New Media. Job can be based in Las Vegas or Los Angeles with frequent travel to Japan.

One can assume Zuffa is taking steps to improve its market position in Japan, after the disaster that was the PRIDE takeover. This would be the first step in a long road to winning over the Japanese market. Zuffa currently has a footprint in the UK and building presence in Mexico.

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