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Dana White brings the heat during recent press tour

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UFC President Dana White has done a ton of media for tonight’s UFC 87 event to take place from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minn.

During the press tour, which includes his own video blog, TV, radio, and press conference appearances, he has made several intriguing statements.

There are four particular quotes from White that I’ve found to be extremely intriguing:

On Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s current legal situation:

“That one is out there like, ‘He hit her and she lost her baby.’ It was a week later. He knocked her mirror off her car. Rampage said, and he’ll tell you when you talk to him, ‘I care about everybody. I care about all life. I would never hurt anybody.’

“That’s the way he is. Now he’s in a situation where somebody’s trying to civil sue him and make some money. Absolutely not. Absolutely not, this is not a criminal thing. No way. I’m no lawyer and I’m no judge, (but) this stuff will be worked out in the court.”

Regarding Roger Huerta and his recent comments in FIGHT! mazgine:

“Roger Huerta’s a guy who’s been reading the headlines a little too much. You get out there and promote the guy and he’s like, “Look at all the papers I’m in, look at all the promotion I’m getting, I want a lot more money.’ Well he hasn’t fought anybody to get the money yet. He beats Kenny Florian, that’s a whole different ballgame.

“Roger Huerta has contract problems? What’s his contract problem? He signed a contract, he’s under contract, when his contract is up he’ll re-negotiate a new one. … What he was bitching about was doing PR. In his thing he said, ‘They got me out there doing PR.’ Yeah, moron. How do you think you make money? You don’t make money unless people know who you are and want to see you fight. Am I supposed to pay Roger Huerta to go out and do PR? Is that how it works?

“That’s not how it works. When Oscar De La Hoya fights, he’s on Leno and Letterman. The night before his fight, he weighs in in Las Vegas, and then flies to Los Angeles to do PR for the fight. Because he makes more money. Because he becomes more popular and more people want to see him fight. …What happens is these guys turn into pussies, is what happens.”

On Tim Sylvia during a recent edition of Tagg Radio:

“Look, we cut Tim Sylvia, he couldn’t cut it in the UFC anymore…. Tim has been boring people for years, I was glad to get rid of him.”

On the real reason why the UFC signed Mirko Cro Cop away from PRIDE:

“Fifty times we thought it was over and we were buying PRIDE, then we hear they were talking to these guys and these guys and kept string us along. So when Mirko Cro Cop’s deal came up, we went after Mirko aggressively, signed him, and that really started to unravel PRIDE. He was really tight with them, so once we were able to take him away, all the other fighters started talking to us too. And that was basically the last nail in the coffin for those guys. It was really a business move to buy PRIDE. That’s why we signed Cro Cop.

“It wasn’t like we brought Cro Cop in and thought he was going to take over the heavyweight division or anything. I think that’s what the fans thought — the hardcore fans who really knew a lot about PRIDE — but it was a business move to kill PRIDE.”

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