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Brock Lesnar dominates Heath Herring at UFC 87

One of the big storylines going into Saturday night’s event wasn’t whether or not Georges St. Pierre would defend his crown against Jon Fitch. Nor was it the question of whether or not Roger Huerta would step up to the plate and win in his toughest fight in the UFC to date. Instead, it was the most overlooked storyline, whether or not Brock Lesnar would record a victory over a legitimate heavyweight and prove his worth in the UFC, that was answered with a resounding “yes.”

Brock Lesnar dominated Heath Herring from start to finish on Saturday night, setting the tone of the fight by dropping Herring on his rear end with a crushing right hand to his left eye in the opening seconds of round one. From there, it was all Lesnar for the rest of the fight.

Lesnar controlled Herring’s back for most of the fight with Herring absorbing a massive amount of punishment from Lesnar’s boulder-sized fists and a ridiculous amount of knees to the body. Herring proved his worth as one of the best gatekeepers in all of MMA, taking a beating and not folding. Herring has taken beatings from some of the world’s best heavyweights and this one was just another day at the office in his book.

Herring tried valiantly to escape Lesnar’s top control but was largely unable to do so and in the end, Lesnar came away with a dominant victory, sending his record to 2-1 and proving to the MMA world that he belongs in the UFC. Time will only tell what’s next for Lesnar as the UFC’s heavyweight division isn’t as strong as it used to be but he certainly proved to the doubters tonight that he is for real.

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