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UFC 87 Thoughts & Commentary

UFC 87 is now in the books and it was one of the best shows, if not the best show, all year. Georges St. Pierre defended his title against an incredibly game Jon Fitch, Brock Lesnar proved his worth against Heath Herring, and Roger Huerta failed to do the same against a technical Kenny Florian. Let’s get right into breaking it down.

Georges St. Pierre is on another level at 170 lbs.

Jon Fitch proved tonight that he is a man’s man and has zero quit in him. His tenacity, recovery speed, and aggression were all extremely admirable. What he also showed is that no one, and I mean no one, in the weight class has what it takes to contend with St. Pierre’s overall game. Standing or on the ground, St. Pierre is dominant. If he can’t finish you with his strikes, he will take you down. If he can’t take you down, he’ll work you over on the feet. He is as multi-dimensional of a fighter as there is in all of mixed martial arts right now and that includes the current consensus pound-for-pound king, Anderson Silva. No one in the weight class has a prayer right now to beat him. Not Thiago Alves, not Jake Shields, not Karo Parisyan, nobody. B.J. Penn is the only fighter with a sliver of a chance and with Penn’s in-ring challenge after the fight, it’s looking like we’ll get to see that superfight sooner than later, hopefully in December.

Jon Fitch is the second best welterweight in the world, hands down.

Jake Shields, Thiago Alves, Josh Koscheck, Diego Sanchez, and Carlos Condit, please have a seat. Jon Fitch is far and away ahead of all of you. And that’s no disrespect, it’s just plain fact. No one thought that Fitch would last all five rounds tonight. A lot of people didn’t even think Fitch would last into the championship rounds. Not only did he do both of those things, but he was threatening almost the entire way. His recovery speed was absolutely insane. Normal fighters don’t take clean punches followed up by a knee to the head and recover like Fitch did. Not only did he take those shots and recover, but he kept coming forward. He showed us all tonight that he belonged in the same cage as St. Pierre even if he was dominated. At this point, who at 170 lbs. wouldn’t be dominated by St. Pierre? No one. The fact that Fitch took that kind of beating and lasted all five rounds speaks volumes about not only his talent, but his character as a fighter as well. Fitch should hold his head high for hanging tough against one of the best fighters in the entire world of combat sports.

Brock Lesnar proved that he belongs in the UFC.

With a decisive victory over Heath Herring, one of the best gatekeepers in MMA, Brock Lesnar proved to all of the doubters tonight that he belongs in the major leagues of mixed martial arts, the UFC. From the opening bell, Lesnar was dominant, dropping Herring with a crushing right hand and suffocating him from there on out. His back control was ridiculous. His fists are the size of watermelons and inflict so much damage from very small punches. Lesnar played to his strength tonight and used his world class wrestling to dominate a dangerous opponent. If Lesnar can continue his progress and start to learn how to use his dominant position to finish, he is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the UFC’s heavyweight division. The win for him tonight was huge for the UFC, especially as far as making Lesnar a legitimate MMA fighter and marketing him in the future.

Kenny Florian spoiled Roger Huerta’s big payday.

Kenny Florian did what most pundits thought he would do, and that’s beat Roger Huerta with a technical game. Not only did he beat Huerta but he most likely ruined his demands for a big time contract with the UFC. Huerta reportedly has been asking for a contract that’s bigger than current lightweight champion B.J. Penn’s contract. Florian most likely put a stop to all that talk tonight. The surprising thing was that Florian dominated the striking game. It was a given that if the fight hit the floor that Florian would have the advantage. What wasn’t evident, though, was that Florian would so soundly beat Huerta standing. Huerta is a good talent and a great young fighter with a lot of heart. His antics, his maturity, and his skills, however, need some work. His striking is wild. He throws big looping punches that leave him open to counters. The antic with spitting to the side in the Octagon cost him a takedown. Florian looked better in all aspects of MMA tonight. Huerta just looked flat.

Demian Maia is ready for a step up in competition.

Maia has beaten two of the middleweight division’s best gatekeepers in Jason MacDonald and Ed Herman and now it’s clear that he’s ready to face some of the division’s top dogs. The fight tonight against MacDonald started out as one of the most technical grappling battles that we’ve seen in quite some time. It was a fantastic way to start the show and the transitions that we saw take place were just out of this world. Maia, however, is on another level when it comes to the jiu jitsu game. He is so technically and fundamentally sound in his game that he sometimes makes good jiu jitsu fighters, like MacDonald, look silly. He’s ready for a step up in competition. Perhaps the winner of Palhares vs. Henderson? Perhaps a fight against Yushin Okami when he comes back? Whatever it may be, Maia is very for real and deserves to move up to the next level of competition.

Other musings…

  • You could tell from Dan Evensen’s ridiculous intro that he was getting knocked out at some point during the fight. That had to be the worst combination of music and antics that I’ve ever seen walking out to the cage. Evensen got what was coming to him. Put aside the fact that Kongo is on another level. Anyone who acts like that deserves to get their teeth smashed in.
  • The Minnesota crowd was phenomenal. One of the best UFC crowds in a long, long time. When they were cheering the ground work between Maia and MacDonald it became clear that not only were they educated MMA fans but also enthusiastic about the evening’s fights. It made for a great at home viewing experience.
  • Say what you will about Brock Lesnar’s post fight antics, but I personally loved it. The guy has legitimate skills and he can talk a little trash and hype a fight. Josh Barnett does the same kind of thing and people love him for it. Lesnar is good for the popularity of the sport and if he wants to add some theatrics to the deal then so be it. Tito Ortiz has done far worse.
  • Rob Emerson is probably taking home a knockout bonus tonight for his knockout of Manny Gamburyan. Let’s hope he spreads the wealth around to The Lords of South County.
  • I’m very interested in seeing the McCrory vs. Cummo fight. By all accounts it was the best undercard fight of the evening.
  • Best show of the year? It’s very possible. UFC 84 was my top choice for than honor going into tonight’s event but I may have to re-evaluate following tonight’s top notch show. No matter what, it’s a solid #2 at the least. The UFC is doing a great job of putting on very good shows this year.
  • 8-3 on picks for the evening. I’ll take it.
  • Wayne says:

    Just because Tito acts like a jackass, and Barnett tries too hard does not make it ok for Lesnar to do what he did. He is a pup in this sport. Yes, he beat Herring soundly. But he also couldn’t do anything from the back to him. He had him on his stomach for quite a while and did not capitalize.

    Brock Lesnar shouldn’t celebrate the way he did. It was disrespectful. The only title shot he deserves is champion of the meatheads.

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  • mo says:

    I don’t think Emerson will ever do anything until he acknowledges how ridiculous his whole gang thing was. i just saw the clip on youtube again, and i think i will never be happy for that guy. Let’s hope we don’t have to see any more of the “Saint” on a main card, unless it is to see BJ or somebody take it to him a bit.

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  • J says:

    The guy did something stupid when he was in high school (10 years ago). He has paid his dues to society and has changed his life. Let it go, he has. I train with him on a regular basis and he is not the same guy. He had a good win against a game opponent, at least acknowledge that.

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  • Caleb Mock says:

    Adam I couldn’t agree with you more about Brock Lesnar’s actions after and during the fight. It’s apparrent that he has embraced the role of the “heel” (for all the former WWE fans). Brock can quickly become a larger than life fighter, and that’s what the UFC’s heavyweight division needs right now.

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  • Echolocating says:

    One of the most solid shows I’ve ever seen. We learned a lot about our favorite fighters tonight. In that respect, it was outstanding.

    Did Brock act like a 12-year-old child just before the end of the fight? It looked like he was saying something like, “Na na na boo boo.” Anyway, I can’t deny that Brock is legitimate. He’ll be scary when he learns some other disciplines. I like how he kept busy and delivered big knees while controlling Herring.

    Fitch was amazing; the heart of a lion. GSP is simply GSP. However, there was no loser in that fight.

    I liked how Maia showed some good ground-and-pound, but I wonder how he would fair against a good striker. Macdonald and him gave us a great opening fight.

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  • Revjames13 says:

    GSP did what everyone thought he would do and looked good doing it. It’s the perfect lead-in to the superfight with Penn. But GSP did not look invincible. Now more than ever I think BJ will beat him.

    Why does GSP feel the need to mention that he is not a chicken? Does anyone think that he is? When BJ asked him “do you want to do this?” GSP should just say “Yes, I want to fight you” instead of saying he will fight whoever deserves it. If GSP wants to be the top dog he has to get past BJ Penn.

    BJ is no Jon Fitch. All respect to Fitch for being a gutsy guy with no quit in him, but his striking is too sloppy and his submissions are not at the level that can threaten someone like GSP. Guess whose striking and subs are? Guess who isn’t the slightest bit afraid of GSP and knows he can beat him?

    I liked the end of the fight, where both guys showed respect for each other. That was very honorable. Fitch went the distance and even did some damage. He also won round 2, IMO. Good job for him.

    But BJ is a whole nother animal. Of course GSP looks great against guys that aren’t at his level. He can’t and won’t dominate Penn. That is going to be one of the best fights in history. Very glad GSP got past Fitch the way he did. Now the fight can finally happen.

    BJ Penn by 3rd round omaplata, gogoplata, one of the platas. I can see GSP sitting in the center of the octagon shaking his head. Mark my words BJ will beat him.

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  • miket says:

    Did anyone else notice in GSP’s intro he twisted his own nipples after he put his own fingers in his mouth…. comments?

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  • Revjames13 says:

    I disagree with the over the top assessment of GSP. He did not put Fitch away when Fitch was in serious trouble. When Anderson Silva has a guy in trouble he ends the fight at once, with extreme prejudice. This fight, while a great win for GSP, does not put him ahead of Anderson on the P4P list. Yes, GSP is very well rounded, perhaps the most well-rounded fighter out there, but he doesn’t finish fights like AS or Fedor.

    And saying BJ only has a “sliver” of a chance of beating him is insane. GSP may be the favorite, but BJ has a very good chance of taking him out. Penn will pressure GSP on his feet like Fitch couldn’t and will work subs on the ground like Fitch couldn’t.

    Fitch is good but he is at the same level as Alves and Kos, not the clear step above he is being made out to be in this article. He can be proud of his showing tonight, though.

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  • Jeremy says:

    Everson’s enterance was pretty fun live.

    I was pretty happy with my home town crowd. They got a little cranky in the prelims, but were great later on.

    I would guess there was 16,000 in attendance. I am thinking it was set up for 17,000.

    Personally, I am hoping we hit 14k paid. If so, I am sure they will return. Dana seemed pretty happy with the Twin Cities.

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  • Jeremy says:


    Of GSP’s last nine fights, 8 of them were against top ten fighters. The only one that was not ranked was…Matt Serra.

    In those nine bouts, only three have gone to decision.

    Personally, I would put him #2 in the P4P ratings.

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  • stevefiji says:

    Adam, I so thoroughly disagree with your spin on the Brock / Barnett crap. If they wanna go the Tito route then “good on ‘em” but its a path the neither had/has to take in order to sell themselves. They were classless, pure and simple and I lost respect for both. Someday, i will enjoy the day they get their ass kicked and so will thousands more… and if you think that Barnett’s Eubonics dialect and contemptible attitude was a selling point to his supposedly quality fight game (and i emphasize supposedly), and that it matches the spirit of MMA, then I’d love to see the gym where that is taught so i can send Daniel-san and Mr Miagi to set them straight.

    And if you think i wanna buy a ticket to any Barnett fight just to watch him get his ‘evil’ ass kicked, think again, in fact I’m less likely to pay. Sure the Good vs. Evil thing can sell some tickets, but Barnett just ain’t near ‘badd enough of a talent’ to sell tickets on a super villian status and Brock has the opportunity to sell just as many or more with a good guy image. The all time WWE/WWF king was still the Hulk Hogan of near 20 years ago…it’s not his Thunderlips bad guy persona that has him hosting American Gladiators decades later and still making good scratch even while he seems to suffer one PR disaster after the next on the personal front.

    On another note. after watching this event, anybody who views the cast off ‘has beens’ of Affliction as a worthy PPV equivalent is truly, utterly and pathetically delusional. They are the Miller Light of MMA… “Same price, less filling!” Literally every fight here was outstanding in one form of another. Affliction’s next event will be a disaster on titanic proportions. Tito won’t sell 10,000 extra PPV’s to pay for his groundbreaking contract (excuse me while I reattach my ass that i just laughed off)….. to fight Babalu? Ooops, I forgot, they now have an Official “Bad Guy” in Barnett… that will bring in another 50,00 PPV’s… well, here’s MY new bad guy persona..tell me how you like it… hahahahaha HAHAHAHAHA!

    Hey Fedor, how taste my Lesnar? My Mir? My Carwin? My Velasquez? You gonna step up or keep up the silly excuses and fight the number 5, 4, 5, 4, 5, 4, 5 recycled guys for a fake title. Correct me if i am wrong people but if you have not fought anything but donuts for 3 years and then you beat the #5 guy… that makes you what ????

    Yes, you are right… the #5 guy!

    Now am not saying that Fedor is not the Emperor we all know him to be, what i am saying is that essentially a 3 year sabbatical means that you drop down the ladder and that you need to climb back up, just like everyone else and beat the #1 guy to be called the #1 guy. Let him come in an prove it. Look at Penn calling out GSP! Look at Silva stepping up. Look at GSP saying he will take anybody…look at Fitch wanting the strap just so he can ALWAYS fight the best… Look at Fedor taking on the winner of the white gangsta thug wannabe or a guy who couldn’t even make the main card on his last UFC fight. That will move him up officially to…hmmmm, yes that’s right… #4

    Great Fight… it got me in a fighting mood :-) UFC vs. Affliction anybody wanna bet?

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  • Revjames13 says:

    I’d put him #3 behind AS and Fedor. Tim Silvia, whether you like him or not, was a top 5 HW when he faced Fedor and Fedor made him look like some guy they dragged out of the stands. Total utter annihilation of one of the top ranked HW’s in the world in 36 seconds. Nog was losing to Silvia when he subbed him and Randy needed 5 rounds to beat him. And those guys are the #2 and #3 in the world. GSP is amazing but he doesn’t dominate like Fedor does.

    And Anderson, well we all know he amazing he is.

    GSP has an airtight game and he can do it all. But I have a strange sense that there’s a chink in GSP’s armor that BJ Penn will expose. If he can beat Penn, well then GSP could be #2 or even #1, but I don’t think he will.

    Right now though, GSP has the second most impressive record in mma. He’s only lost twice and avenged both losses in style. And he’s fought top flight competition all the way. Fedor has the best record, IMO, because he’s only lost once and it was due to a cut stoppage. You can say that Fedor hasn’t faced the level of competition GSP has, but he beat Cro Cop when Cro Cop was at his absolute best and Big Nog (the #2 HW in the world) multiple times. GSP has been brutally KO’d once and submitted once. Fedor has more or less dominated everyone he’s ever fought.

    Just saw the GSP Fitch fight again and I retract my statement about Fitch taking round 2. He lost that one as well.

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  • Revjames13 says:

    Fedor would KO Mir, sub Lesnar, and KO and/or sub Cain Valasquez, without a doubt. He’s going to fight and beat the winner of Barnett/AA, either or whom, despite not being in the UFC, would most likely beat any of the above guys.

    If Fedor ever makes it into the UFC he’s going to go through the HW division like a wrecking ball. He’s the purest fighter alive. Anderson might be the most fluid and GSP the most athletic, but Fedor commits to his strikes and subs like no one else in the world. His focus is unbelievable. Randy’s going to need an angel in his corner to survive him.

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  • Damo says:

    Fedor would have to get a shot at the title right away.

    They couldn’t try to make him work his way through a piss weak division. Not a chance. The thing is, unless there is a cross promotion with the UFC on board.. I can’t see him ever fighting against a UFC contracted fighter, thats where I find it a distinct shame that the UFC are too arrogant and are more interested in a monopolised entertainment business than what is TRULY good for our sport.

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  • Nate says:

    Revjames13, you said it well. The only thing I would add is that Fedor beat Big Nog at his best. It was expected Big Nog would dominate the weight class. Fedor came in & showed everyone that wasnt going to happen.

    GSP is awesome, absolutely incredible. He rocked Fitch multiple times last night before the win. Even so, I feel like Fitch came out with a more elevated status than GSP in the end. I could not believe the hits he took without being knocked out.. I thought GSP was ROCKING him.

    It reminded me of Anderson Silva’s match with Dan Henderson. Anderson just couldnt knock him out. The only difference:
    AS submitted DH (AS’s first sub in forever). I was disappointed GSP didnt do the same & submit him.

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  • stevefiji says:

    Revjames 13, I do not doubt it… I really don’t and if I had money, I’d bet the same way…but this is society and society has rules, and rule of Rick Flair clearly states that “In order to be the man, you got to beat the man!” “Whooo!” …and right now he only be da #5 man, based on who he beat before essentially going AWOL for 3 years.

    So then let’s buy some popcorn and watch the show and not watch Fedor play paddy cakes with the ‘has beens, castoffs’ crew of the USS Affliction, so that his management can be ‘selective’ and so that he can supposedly fight in his beloved discipline of Sambo (Well, correct me if I am wrong, but he also ‘beloves’ MMA, or at least he proclaims to, and he essentially took 3 years off on that, so why can’t he do a 4 or 5 or 6 fight contract with the UFC for 2 years and solidify the greatest legacy in MMA history?…give me one VALID reason… please, because all the crap I hear is so flawed it supreme hypocrisy.

    Any for the record, i agree with your assessment of Randy’s chances… I think if Chuck could take our Randy as devastatingly and as easy as he’s done twice…then Fedor will surely enjoy using Randy’s noggin for a little light speed bag work, he just better make sure he don’t bust that hand on it again.

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  • omar says:

    I got to say as soon as I saw Lesnar point and laugh at Herring I lost all the respect I just thought he made me give him from a great performance. Im not saying I all of a sudden think he sucks. He did great for someone who has only three fights. But that was classless. Look at the assbeating GSP gave Fitch and he was nothing but respectful all 5 rounds. Also on fitch I dont think just surviving a horrible ass beating makes you leagues better than guys like karo or kos. BJ has more than a sliver of a chance. The last time they fought he did great some say won.

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  • HexRei says:

    Hey Adam, are you a writer for a prominent MMA site? :D

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  • jeff the drunk says:

    sounds like i missed the card of the year thanks to Comcast. if i remember correctly, there were several people including Adam who had issues trying to order the Affliction card through Comcast last month. last night i had the same problem. i tried to order using my remote as i always do, and it gave me a mesage that said i needed to call. so i called, and gave up after holding for 20 minutes. so i went to my neighbor’s house, he tried to order it and had the same problem. he finally got a rep on the phone and they couldn’t get it to go through either. i was MORE than happy to shell out $44.95 for the show like i always do, but now thanks to file sharing i’ll see it 24hrs later for free. just wondering if any other New Jersey Comcast subscribers had any issues ordering last night. if this is a widespread ongoing problem, someone needs to bring it to Zuffa’s attention so that it can be corrected. we all know how the UFC feels about having money taken out of it’s pocket.

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  • JJ Docker says:

    Echolocating.. “Fitch was amazing; the heart of a lion. GSP is simply GSP. However, there was no loser in that fight.”

    No GSP was “amazing” and there was a winner in that fight; GSP. I have a lot of respect for Fitch but he got resoundly beaten tonight and GSP deserves more praise than “GSP is simply GSP” for his years of dedication, training and immense skill level. If Fitch hadn’t been beaten as he was tonight his “heart of lion” would never have been apparent. Fitch is easily the second best welterweight in the world (at least until BJ and GSP fight) but GSP needs to be admired in the same way that Anderson Silva is.

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  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Fitch is nails. That guy was swinging and bringing, and as was said earlier, there’s only one welteweight that could beat him, and it was GSP last night in the cage. Jon Fitch is a phenomenal fighter.

    B.J’s precision strikes will make for an interesting match in Penn v. GSP 2.

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  • Damo says:

    I watched it over Yahoo Sports (only the second time since the Chuck v Wandy fight) and sad to say, i’ll never use it again. My connection here was strong throughout but Yahoo seemed to drop me every now and then (10 or so times total) and the timing couldn’t have been worse in some cases.

    Definitely dropped the ball since the end of year events. Even if *only* slightly, enough to turn me off for future events via this method.

    Thankfully the MotoGP coverage is always seamless ;)

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  • PokerFace says:

    Did anyone see Lesnar push Heath after the bell at the end of round one? He needs to demonstrate MUCH more control of his emotion. He demonstrated a definitive WWE attitude, which was actually kind of sickening. Never the less he is the fastest big man I have ever seen, and will the champ for a long time, should he learn to wrap his tree trunks around a throat, hell he could bearhug em and makem passout.
    GSP is an absolute bad ass, tough tough dude. I think if Fitch hadn’t gotten blasted right off the get-go, he would’ve had a better chance towards the end. Kenny fought with a game plan and never left it, which is the hardest thing to do in MMA, damn smart fighter. Kongo was not treated with much respect obviously, given the cream-puff they put in there with him.

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  • MMA SKOOL says:

    hopefully Penn can keep his fingers out of GSPs eyes this time.

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  • William W. says:

    Card of the year? Which one did you watch? My friends and I found it really, really boring outside of the Maia/MacDonald match (which was amazing). Florian ran 90% of the time, Brock invented a new version of lay-n-pray, and GSP failed to finish when he had Fitch “on the ropes” about 17 times.

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  • cyph says:

    In other words, all the guys you rooted for, lost.

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  • mikee says:

    You personally liked Lesnar’s post fight antics? What the hell is wrong with you? He looked like a little spoiled brat ass piece of crap preppy kid that looks like a stuttering turd when he looses then is the loudest most obnoxious annoying disrespectful idiot when he wins. I never ever want to see him win again and personally he isn’t good enough and hasn’t paid his dues in the octagon where I even care to see him fight again after last night……..ever. I hate when fighters do that crap when there is time left in the fight, yes, you won, be happy and celebrate but give your opponent his due respect for being a warrior. I mean, you couldn’t even finish him, how happy can you be? What a turd. Him and Huerta both, little spoiled bitch ass brats. Excuse the cursing, it was just a very very poor showing of sportmanship, respect, and discipline………some of the major principles the foundation of this sport was built on. Martial Arts?!?!?!?!?

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  • Echolocating says:

    JJ Docker wrote: “No GSP was “amazing” and there was a winner in that fight; GSP. I have a lot of respect for Fitch but he got resoundly beaten tonight and GSP deserves more praise than “GSP is simply GSP” for his years of dedication, training and immense skill level. If Fitch hadn’t been beaten as he was tonight his “heart of lion” would never have been apparent. Fitch is easily the second best welterweight in the world (at least until BJ and GSP fight) but GSP needs to be admired in the same way that Anderson Silva is.”

    Calm down, buddy. You’re preaching to the choir here. I was just giving Jon Fitch a compliment on how he handled himself against GSP. There’s a reason it got Fight of the Night honors. The reason I said there was no loser is that Fitch showed us that he is the second best and his title shot was well deserved. In many ways, the lose still raised Fitch’s stock in the UFC.

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  • Echolocating says:

    EDIT: “…the loss still raised Fitch’s stock.”

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  • I promise no long comment but here are a couple questions up for debate:

    1. Sam, he’s your boy and I know this, but didn’t last night squash the GSP is better than Silva talk. Really, how many times has Silva let a fight go past 2 rounds? Silva has also beaten two strong number two contenders in Henderson and Franklin and both only lasted two rounds.

    2. Brock Lesnar will beat anyone on the planet ….. in a year or two. Simply put, he had Herring’s back for the entire night and didn’t once go for the choke. Even Kimbo Slice knows how to go for a simple choke. There will be times when the ref calls for the fighters to stand up, and Lesnar would have to do it all over again. Next, what happens if for some reason his physical abilities fail him, such as in a five round championship fight.

    3. Huerta’s bank account took a big hit last night. I wonder what hurts more?

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  • Joey says:

    Cyph – HAHA

    I thought for the most part UFC has been putting on decent shows, not great ones. But I’ve found alot of the DREAM cards and WEC events and even the last CBS show to be better than the average UFC show. That being said this last card was awesome.

    There were several interesting and exciting matches. GSP, i hate his style of fighting and the fact that he couldn’t finish was lame, but watching Fitch keep coming back had to have you pumped.

    The lead up and first minute of the Lesnar fight was insane, the knees to the body were sickening, even some of his kicks sounded devastating. Did you see Herrings face, damn. Yeah he did LNP but there was some excitement here and there and the electricity was crazy.

    Huerta and Florian I thought was a pretty good fight. Emerson Manny was hilarious and exciting though ridiculously short. Of course, the Maia fight was good. Kongo fight I wasn’t interested in but alot of people thought it was good.

    If you think this card sucked its either because all of your fighters lost OR you are biased against the UFC and want to bitch. That just makes you as bad as the UFC fanboys that are retarded with their whole, “Fedor is ducking Carwin and Velasquez” statements.

    Do what i did, root for Fitch but bet on GSP that way you aren’t disappointed.

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  • Rich S. says:

    i’ve gotta see this Cummo fight..
    i don’t understand..

    Luke did so good on TUF, and put up such a struggle against Stevenson.. i mean, you know the guys’ got skill.. he’s got KO power and he trains with serra [meaning, he has good sub’s]

    i can understand losing to Goulet, but Luigi? no.. and Tamdan?? HeEeEeEeEeEeEllllllll nooooo!!

    personally, i had Cummo via TKO r1..
    i don’t know what’s wrong here, i like luke, but, i’m sure he won’t be here much longer..

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  • Rich S. says:

    oh and, you have no idea how much joy just rushed my body when i saw Manny take that BRUTAL left hand on the ground..

    seriously, that’s one of the sickest things i’ve ever seen in my life..

    thank you Rob, for giving me the joy of seeing Manny Knocked the F*** Out!!!!

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  • Rich S. says:

    I’m pretty sure you could Jon Fitch in the head with a sledge hammer and he would just laugh at you..

    one of the best chins i’ve seen in a while..

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  • Warcry says:

    Me and a friend went back a forth on the gsp vs fitch fight. I believed Fitch would push St. Pierre further than anyone else. He did. Both fighters were elevated from the contest. Brock Lesnar is gonna maim someone in the Octagon one day hope the paramedics will be near by in his future fights. Poor Heavyweight Division, there will be some ass-whuppins administered by Lesnar for years to come. The most lackluster division in the UFC just got some glitz and some glame. The first tv fight was a buffet of high-end grappling with Damian Meia showing he is in a class all his own on the ground. Roger Huerta got showed the level of skill necessary to be the top guy. Did you see that ‘Don’t mess with the Zohan’ kick Kenny landed on Huerta that had to really humiliate old Rog.

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  • Tom_Biggins says:

    I was at UFC 87, drove all the way up from TN for the show, and believe me, the 13 hour drive was worth it.

    The crowd was great, I was lucky enough to get seated next to very knowledgable fans, and we started most of the chants to get everyone rallied together.

    I also met BJ Penn in a taco shop…I always thought he’d be kind of a dick…I was so wrong. He’s an awesome guy and was kind, not to mention he is in great shape, when he put his arm around me, it was like getting hugged by a brick wall. Haha.

    We got great pictures also, I hope to be getting them up sometime soon and would gladly get some pictures on the web for you guys to see.

    Oh, and Minneapolis + Brock Lesnar= insane amount of electricity.

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  • BK says:

    This recap is on another level.

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  • Jackyl says:

    Anyone else notice the slicked up production? They seemed to have new graphics and the fighter stats thing was new as well.

    I thought it was one of the most solid cards of the year. The Demian Maia vs Jason McDonald fight was great. I loved the back and forth in that fight.

    All the feature bouts lived up to their hype and had some great action all the way through. Including the five round war of GSP and Fitch! I think they did a great job and showed everyone why they are at the top of the MMA ladder.

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  • Voridor says:

    I disagree that Fitch is the second best welterweight in the world. Emerson looked surprised when he won. I think he honestly didn’t think it would end like that. He earned the win, but the anvil is a better overall fighter.

    I felt good when Brock won because now he has his feet wet and the nerves can calm down. I was so pumped for this card, one of the best in recent times.

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  • joe says:

    I agree with some of you all about the way lesner acted in cage,but i believe the wwe hasnt fully got out of him YET.I beleive with more experiance and time in octagon that will go away ,and his skills will only get more devastating.The guy is a human bull,and in time will be able to wrap them huge arms around a neck and one good squeeze they will tap or nap.

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  • dpk says:

    Voridor- if you disagree that Fitch is the 2nd best WW in the world, you have to throw a name out there of who you think is better.

    Some people are just getting way ahead of themselves. One or two fight doesn’t make an MMA fighter, otherwise Houston Alexander would be the greatest thing ever, it is about a total body of work. I’m very impressed with Lesnar, I think by this time next year he will be fighting for the title and probably winning it, but let’s see him beat Coleman, Kongo, and then someone with some submission’s before we say that he is in the same league as Fedor.

    I’m just going to comment on this because it was already brought up, people blaming UFC for not signing Fedor, and other people blaming Fedor. IMO, UFC offered Fedor a $1 million signing bonus, and $1.5 million per fight, but Fedor said no because he couldn’t compete in SAMBO matches outside of UFC, and UFC held the right to cut him if he lost. Honestly for that much money, Fedor could hold Sambo tourneys in his basement if he really wants to compete, and Dana White never has to know, and seriously, if you are going to be the highest paid fighter in the sport by far, then a loss or two is going to get you bumped off of that pay scale, that is just reality, negotiate some kind of fall back price, maybe one that includes a win bonus so that can’t cut you unless you lose 2 times. Dana has said that Fedor is the only non roster fighter he wants, that tells me there is some serious room for negotiation. Fedor isn’t dodging anyone in UFC, but once he is done with the AA, Barnett crowd he isn’t going to be able to make that claim anymore, and by that time Lesnar, Velasquez, and Carwin should be close to ready and waiting.

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  • PokerFace says:

    Bj is the second best WW in the world even though his ideal weight is LW. I do believe that there should be fewer pounds between classes, like LWW @ 162 or something like that & HWW @178 or LMW.To some of the babyfatters, it doesn’t matter much, but the ones with solid ripped bodies that have to cut15-30 lbs would feel much better in a fight not having to cut so much. Then you would see everyones TRUE potential.

    Even though there aren’t enough fighters, Lesnar belongs in a Super Heavy Weight class, but that poses a problem of fighting the big huge fat tubs of lard that move like a slug.

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  • MarDen says:

    Response to Revjames13 on August 10th, 2008 2:47 am

    James, I disagree with your post and here is why; If you ask me, no accomplished fighter has ever looked invinvible, except perhaps Fedor with his ”one” lost due to a cut (his first professional fight). Wether it be BJ Penn, AS the spider, GSP, the Ice man Lidell, they all have shown that they can be beaten. MMA is an unpredictable sport specialy when two high level opponents meet. Therefore, you are right, in that GSP did not look invincible, but he looked sharp as a knife. Beeting Fitch is no small task, with 22 wins before that fight, and 8 wins in the UFC. GSP did awesome.

    And, I don’t think BJ will be able to beat GSP simply because they fought before, and GSP has his blueprint now. That’s one of GSP’s strenght, he excells on learning from past fights. When they fought two years ago, I gave the first round to BJ, and two and three to GSP. I think that if not for the unintentional finger poking in GSP’s eye, he would of won all three rounds. And, GSP is a much different fighter now.

    Lastly, I think the reason GSP said he was not a chicken is because he wanted to make sure the public heard it because I have a feeling that the BJ Penn – GSP fight won’t happen just yet, and BJ likes to trash talk, therefore, if that happens, he won’t be able to say that GSP avoided him. There is a reason why GSP kept on saying ”I’ll give a shot to anyone who deserves it”. I for one, don’t beleive BJ deserves a title shot at 170. He did not even defend his own belt once, and there is a lot of deserving 155 contenders. Just look at the the spider A Silva, he just took a fight in the LW category. Did he ask for the title shot? Nope, he went on to fight the sandman Irvin, and that was proper. Let BJ fight the nightmare, Alves, or Koscheck, and then, if he wins, let him have a shot at GSP’s belt.

    Regardless, I am convinced that he would get either submissioned, or knocked out by GSP.


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  • Revjames13 says:

    For the simple fact that it is one of the best fights in mma history, it should happen as their next fight, with no further ado, so nothing like an injury in a lesser fight screws it up.

    BJ is the former WW Champ, who took GSP to a razor thin SPLIT decision. In his next bout at WW he was on the doorstep to reclaiming the WW belt before he cracked his rib. In his fight prior to these two in the UFC he won the WW belt by moving up from LW.

    He is the current LW champ. He does not need to do anything like beat a Diego Sanchez to qualify to fight GSP.

    They need to fight now to settle who is the superior fighter. Anyone who is not overjoyed that these two of the top 4 P4P are going to fight is not a fan of mixed martial arts. This is one of the best fights ever.

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  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    Revjames, I totally agree with you.

    When rumblings of this fight started about a month ago, there were SO many people up in arms about GSP defending his belt against Fitch and Alves and Sanchez and blah blah blah.

    These are two of the top four P4P fighters in the world!! Why MMA fans aren’t blowing their collective load right now is BEYOND me. And I was going nuts the FIRST time they squared off.

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  • Revjames13 says:


    Finally a superfight that isn’t just speculation. I’m trying to think of what showdown in any sport compares to this. Both guys are so good and they are in their prime. They each have a fan base that totally believes in the superiority of one over the other, but the truth is, right now, we have no idea who actually is and we are going to find out.

    My money is on Penn, but nobody is going to challenge BJ on every level like GSP will.

    The winner is going to be in the conversation as the best fighter in the world with AS and Fedor.

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