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Chael Sonnen still not sure fight with Paulo Filho will happen (video)

  • I hope Chael has been working on not screaming, he has some real potential IMO.

    I think he did it in his fight with Babalu too as I recall. Was it a leg lock?

    I don’t think Chael had any intention of tapping to Filho, but ref has to stop it if you scream in an armbar. Many times you can’t tap if you’re trying to use the other arm to defend.

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  • BadMonkey says:

    If this fight goes off, I think Chael is going to whip Filho’s ass. He was taking him to school in the first fight and he got sloppy and got caught in the arm bar, but you know he’s been training arm bar defense/escapes like crazy in preparation for this next fight.

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  • Neil says:

    I like Chael’s odds in the fight, but even though he never tapped the first time around (and I’ll defend that decision for a long time, due to his dominating Filho up to that point) I don’t think that he was going to get out of that armbar. Even if he does lose the second time, he’ll still be a good middleweight fighter, and probably top-ten non-UFC.

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