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Non-Breaking News: Roger Huerta and Arianny Celeste no longer on speaking terms

We usually just focus on hard news here at 5 Oz. and avoid gossip. But sometimes the news is slow and sometimes there are just certain things too good not to pass along.

Let me preface this post by stating that I find gossip pertaining to the lives of celebrities to be mundane, trivial, and inconsequential. Yet I am uncontrollably drawn to it. I admit it, I read because I do want to know which random dude hooked up with an Olsen Twin last night; whether Amy Winehouse is alive or dead; and why Tori Spelling pulled out of the “Beverly Hills 90210″ re-make (because 90210 might be one of the greatest television shows ever made).

So I found myself drawn to an headline indicating that Roger Huerta and “friend” and UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste were no longer on speaking terms:

AH: What did you think of Roger Huerta’s performance against Kenny Florian?

AC: It was OK.

AH: And what about the rumors that you had falling out with Roger. Are those true?

AC: I wish the best for everybody including him but we are no longer on speaking terms. We are no longer friends.

AH: Wow. What happened?

AC: No comment.

AH: Why are you not on speaking terms?

AC: No comment

AH: Some have speculated that Roger and (“That 70’s Show” star) Laura Prepon have a budding relationship. What are your thoughts on that?

AC: I don’t know anything about that.

AH: Interesting. Well, how’s your love life?

AC: I’m in love with work.

Whoa. Am I the only one blown away by this? Usually when a romantic relationship goes wrong the standard answer is “We’re no longer seeing each other but we’re still friends.” But not here. Nope. Arianny says they aren’t even friends! Not only that, she says Huerta and her aren’t even speaking! I’m dying to know what exactly happened. Roger must have done something messed up.

Credit goes to Ariel on this one. He could have kept the conversation off the record and tried to exploit a vulnerable woman much like Fletch did with Gail Stanwyck in “Fletch.” But Ariel kept his journalism hat on and went right for the story. Asking not once, but twice as to why Huerta and Arianny no longer are on speaking terms.

Ariel gets some heat sometimes for asking non-hardcore MMA questions to fighters. Personally, I am glad there is a guy out there asking this kind of stuff. As much as I wish it weren’t the case, I really would like to know what Andrei Arlovski thinks of reports that Tim Sylvia was rumored to have been involved with his ex-girlfriend.

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